Troy Dog’s Shack: The Har Dog Days of Summer are HERE

We are a few days away from the 2022 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship and the Troy Dog Squad has been hard at work over here behind the scenes. I’ll have more information on what the SQUAD is doing this summer in my other column this week, but WE must discuss one of my favorite people: Grant Harlan.

Are you ready for the Har Dog Days of Summer? Yeah, I just said that. It’s the motto this summer. My original athlete is back for a full summer of suffering in the heat and humidity of 30 minute motos. WE just announced our deal too! Har Dog will be aboard a Merge Racing/Troy Dog Vurb/ Kawasaki!

Since Harlan split ways with the Ti Lube Honda team during the Supercross season, he’s been hard at work building this program. Merge racing has stepped up BIG time to help out the program and are doing a lot to keep him in the game for these races this summer. Also, if you haven’t noticed, I’m somehow the other title sponsor of this operation. I guess my days of networking, promoting, advicing, mentoring, housing, merching, and just squading have really been ELITE. So, it’s our time to shine. I’ll be on Har Doggy’s helmet, jersey, and bike as we take on the 450 class. 

Hey, when Antonio Cairoli turned pro in 2002, Harlan was either one year old or not even born and when Ryan Dungey turned pro, the kid was 5. Let’s not forget how young Har Dog is. He just turned 21 in April and he’s already had plenty of standout 450 outdoor rides that almost saw him in the top ten. I’m confident in OUR speed outdoors on a 450. This new Kawi is looking mighty mean too! The graphics were done up by the T-Dog Squad’s own personal designer Braden Baumer of DaBaum Designs and he absolutely crushed it. If you like it we can sell some Har Doggy replica sets. Just reach out to dabaum_designs on Instagram and tell him T-Dog sent you. 

WE are going to stick to our game plan. Don’t judge us too much by what you see in practice. You know, Har Dog is a racer and he takes practice to take his time and learn the track. Once it comes time to race we will be just fine, especially in the second motos. That’s our strong point usually because the guy doesn’t quit and keeps fighting through the suffering. 

Without further adieu, BRING ON THE OUTDOOR SEASON. We’re ready to race and I’m excited to see my dude Har Dog back out there. No matter what happens I want to personally thank all of the sponsors of his program. These companies stepped up and put together some extra budget to help out our privateer hero. WE hope to make you guys proud. Come by and meet Har Dog at the races. Bring the good vibes! Bring your hot mom! See you at the races!

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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