Noah Viney: From Supermini to Damn Near Ripping a Holeshot at Fox Raceway

After retiring from writing fire blogs to handle biz stuff, I came back last week to drop some knowledge on how amazing Matt LeBlanc’s mullet was. If you didn’t read it, you should.

I retired again after that blog, stating that I would only come back if someone did something worthy enough for me to grace the internet with my superior wordsmithing.

And like Tom Brady, I’m back again! Thanks to Noah Viney!

I’ll keep this short and sweet. If you want to know more about Viney you can watch the GoPro Ride Along video we did with him and Ryan Hughes a few months ago.

Trivia Question: Guess what Noah Viney’s best Loretta’s result was in the Schoolboy Class? How about the B class, even?

Give up?

He has NEVER raced a big bike at Loretta’s! You can pick your jaw up off the ground now.

Here’s the deal, doggies. In August of 2021, Noah Viney raced a Supermini at Loretta’s, placing eighth in supermini 1 and second in Supermini 2. Key word here is “mini.” As in a small ass bike.

In May of 2022, he lined up at his first outdoor national and damn near ripped the holeshot. He did sustain a shoulder injury in the second moto and ended the day with 35-39 moto scores for 36th overall.

Before all you couch monkeys with overpriced 450s sitting in your garage talk smack, this dude is a true youngblood. While most riders are signing autographs after the race, Viney needs a juice box, a few episodes of Paw Patrol and a nap after two 30 minute motos. He could actually be Ryan Dungey’s son had Ryan gotten married at an earlier age.

I won’t pretend that I know what Ryan Hughes is thinking. I don’t think anyone can climb inside that mind. What I do know is Noah Viney is a true baller and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him commit to a full season of outdoors in 2023 and be a competitive top 10 guys when he does.

Back to retirement I go. Until I come back, that is.

Written by Bird Dog

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