Troy Dog’s Shack: Team Solitaire Followed ME on Twitter and the Pedialyte is Flowing

You faithful Troy Dog readers are even lucky you are getting a column this week. I have been swamped with all sorts of requests since my promotion to vurbmoto CEO last week. I must keep a watchful eye on Slaw… have you noticed how much better his content has been this week? You’re welcome. I have flown our jet and took our yacht out to many business dinners with Bird Dog. I have coordinated and made sure all my hero Chili Dog’s 2,700 pounds of camera equipment DO NOT get lost on the next seven trips that I have scheduled for him. I have also started planning for our biggest Loretta Lynn’s to date. Oh, man it is going to be amazing.

Anyway, enough about me and my boring life as a busy CEO. I have a column to get to and the subject this week? Team Solitaire!

I am a lifetime HEP Suzuki contracted rider, but when another team joins in on the fun and makes a presence on social media with you, well you must take notice. A month or so ago, (who keeps track anymore?) Team Solitaire started following me on Twitter and I noticed right away what OTHER teams can do better with… ENGAGEMENT. Here is a smaller team that has two very good prospects on its roster. They like to start up conversations on social media and they also have fun giveaways and pump fun content from their sponsors. For me, Team Solitaire seems like a fun time although I will NOT be switching to their team. I do, however, appreciate what they do.

It is obvious that the program they put together is legit. The bike is great and as I said earlier the prospects Robbie Wageman and the forever underrated Hardy Munoz have been welcomed surprises this year. Wageman, in my opinion has been the biggest surprise of the 250 class this season. Munoz, well I am talking about him, so that is all that matters, but no one else is for some reason. Munoz always stood out in the results column at Loretta Lynn’s and even has 250 Pro Sport title from the Ranch. Those are not easy to come by. Munoz always sends it. He was a Moto X Compound guy as an amateur and dude Matt Walker was always pumping him up, for good reason.

I am always stoked when small teams can make a big splash into the supercross pond. I know that this is not Team Solitaire’s first rodeo.  They have a good punk rock feel to them and, you know me, I always enjoy some Warped Tour action. That is still a thing right? Also, Team Solitaire has been around since the early to mid-2000s when Ryan Clark said I am the top privateer, and this is my team. I am one. I am Team Solitaire. Hey Troy Dog… say Team Solitaire again and see what happens.

Team Solitaire.

They are busy on social media, they have cool riders who ride great, the setup looks great, they are privateer heroes. They drink a lot of Pedialyte. They have merch and if you buy some they will enter you in a drawing to win a guitar. What is not to like about this setup? Munoz and Wageman have been a nice surprise and it looks like they are taking strides every week in working with the team and Clark.

If I were you I would follow @teamsolitaireSX on Twitter and support what they do. We need them in the sport just like you guys need me to bring you amazing columns every week.

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Main image: Octopi Media

Written by Troy Dog

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