(Almost) Black & White ft. Wyatt Bass

While we were in Wortham, Texas, at the 2021 JS7 Spring Championship at Freestone County Raceway, we had this grand idea of doing a Black & White very day and releasing them that same day. Well, in classic vurbmoto fashion, we did that for two days and stopped. In our defense, the workload was gnarly and, once you see what upcoming mini series we are currently cutting from the week in Texas, you’ll understand why the Black & White’s fell to the wayside.

Nonetheless, a couple of weeks later, here is our final installment of our Texas (almost) Black & White series. We spent some time with Georgia ripper, Wyatt Bass. Maybe you’ve heard of him and maybe you haven’t. And, if you haven’t, well, you’re welcome. The kid has some serious style and knows how to make the throttle go rather fast. So, sit back and enjoy this young ripper do this thing in Texas. And, we highly recommend you keep an eye on him. He’s going places we tell ya!

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