Troy Dog’s Shack: Four 250 Riders Who Became Legit in 2021

As a premier athlete and media member in this sport I pride myself on knowing practically everything there is to know about…well everything and everyone. Like you, I owe my hero Chili Dog a GINORMOUS thank you. Without him we would not have known who the top amateur/pro prospects were for the past 15-20 years. Chili basically filmed all these rider’s births and now they are either retired or an elite level in the 450 class…or old 250 veterans. 

Since vurbmoto went away and came back like a Phoenix rising from the ashes a new generation of talent has emerged, and I do not even know where some of these riders have even come from. Lucky for you I am going to make some guesses and use my charm to tell you a little about four riders who have drastically improved their Supercross skills this season.

Robbie Wageman

I wrote about team Solitaire last week and how they are a rad group of people with solid 250 prospects. One of those prospects is Robbie Wageman. He was just on the PulpMX Show on Monday, so props to Matthes Hound for getting him some love to a big audience. I have not made it to that interview yet and I wanted my column to be genuine. He is number 69 in your heart and he is finished inside of the top ten of a stacked 250 region. What is not to like?

Logan Karnow

Logan Karnow stood out to me about 4-5 years ago on the starting line. He was number 471 then on a Honda and I was like “Kyle Regal is back!” Then I looked closer and wondered what kind of gear and helmet he was wearing, and then when he was racing it was clearly not Regal. He made night shows, which was a job. Over the years he got better, and he invested in himself. You can tell he has put the work in and now he is national #88 and putting in the best season of his career. If you even @me saying the field is depleted I will send you a bag of soiled Sam Dog diapers. 

Grant Harlan

Har Dog is my cat. Earlier in the season I had noticed his improvement and his Ti Lube Honda. I ended up tweeting about him and he saw it and he told me doing that made his life. The truth is that I first noticed his name at Loretta’s toward the end of his amateur career. He was consistent in the Pro Sport classes and that is not an easy thing to do. To see his success last summer and now getting a career high fifth at Indy 2. I am all in on this dude because he is in the Troy Dog Squad. We do a Weekly Har Dog Check-In presented by vurbmoto on Twitter every week. Do not miss it because this is hard hitting journalism!

Coty Schock 

This may come as a shock to you, but I am going to be honest here and tell you that I know nothing about Coty Schock. I do know he rides for Michael Lindsey’s FXR Chaparral Honda squad, and I have watched a few of his Instabangers. Other than that, count me as totally shocked on his entire transformation this season. He was running in third for a good portion of the Daytona main event, which was shocking. If Coty continues to progress like this I would not be shocked to see him on the podium someday.

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Written by Troy Dog

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