Troy Dog’s Shack: On Assignment in Indy 

Every once and a blue moon the CEO has to make it out to a race to show face, sign some autographs, and show the crew why I’m CEO in the first place. Well, Indianapolis is my “home” race and I’ve personally been going to this race since 2003. This is my crown jewel of the series as Steve Matthes would say. 

The RCA Dome and Lucas Oil Stadium have both put on some incredible shows. Who could forget Mike LaRocco’s holeshot and wire to wire win in 2004? Who could forget Kevin Windham doing a gnarly rhythm that no one else was in 2008? Who could forget James Stewart crashing twice in 2009 and STILL almost coming back to win the main? We saw Ryan Sipes and Aaron Plessinger get their first 250 wins here too. We also saw Blake Wharton throw a win away in the whoops one year on the final lap. So, hopefully this year brings some more goods. 

This will be the first Supercross race that I have covered since vurbmoto has been back and I believe the first one I’ve done in person since 2016. So, not only is this super important for me, but I’m bringing along a great friend of mine named Ginger Dog. That’s right! The mother of my children and merch queen officially makes her media debut this weekend. We’re putting her to work and she’s going to help run social media and write columns on a full takeover. Ginger Dog’s scoops should be insane. I believe if this media outing goes well for her in her debut, then we have to give her a column. The motocross media world could use some more female perspective, IMO. 

Anyway, I’m ready for this moment. Ginger Dog and I have a chance to get out of the house and actually have a night to ourselves watching and reporting on the greatest sport on the planet. We’re going to scour the pits to make sure we cover absolutely everything we can. If you need information, then you better believe we’ve got you fam. Keep it locked on @vurbmoto and @troydogvurb for all of our updates. 

Since I’ll be busy as a CEO media guy, Troy Dog Squad ELITE Athlete Ashton Bloxom (Ash Dog) is flying in from Texas and meeting up with Braden Baumer (Dabaum Dog) to be team manager of the T-Dog Squad this weekend for me. He’s got to keep Grant ‘Har Dog’ Harlan in the right frame of mind and give Justin ‘Star Dog’ Starling some GOOD VIBES as he attempts to make the top ten. Also, after the race, who knows what will go down when the entire Squad is in town (except for Luke Renzland…sorry Luke we miss ya). 

With that, we’re off to Indy and Lucas Oil Stadium. I look forward to meeting a lot of you out there who support us and interact with us on social media. So, if you see me and my ginger headed wife out and about, please say hello to us and let’s talk about some dirt bikes! 

Let’s have some fun!

Written by Troy Dog

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