Troy Dog’s Shack: Let’s Chiz All Over the 250 Class

If you guys have followed me for years, you know that I really am longtime best friends with Kyle Chisholm. Before all the Har Doggys, Ash Doggys, Dozer Doggys, and Star Doggys, we had Chiz. I will admi that the Troy Dog Squad would not exist without him. I know it may get annoying to you fans out there about how we “bro” all of these riders to get info out of them and act like we’re all cool guys together. Well, here at vurbmoto, it’s different. If T-Dog is getting a scoop, I’m getting the damn scoop, no matter what. However, when you’re in the SQUAD, we are family and I’m going to help you further your career to the best of my resources available. 

The T-Dog SQUAD started with one rider at one race. A Mr. Chiz from Florida. I remember when we were setting things up for my sponsorship on the phone Chiz said, “We could even put your face on the bike and helmet.” Well, like Michael Jordan in the “Last Dance”, I took that personally. We had him debut the stickers and merch at Indianapolis 1 last year. Since then, we’ve signed almost a handful of riders and now the stickers and merch are around at every race. It’s been a crazy journey.

I will admit that my best friend Chiz went MIA on me this past off-season. I gave him an invite to join the SQUAD full-time for 2022 and he just ghosted me, bro. It turns out that he was really just laying low, which is perfectly fine with me. He was preparing for another epic season of Chizzing on the 450 class and getting ready for a Monster Energy/Star Racing Yamaha fill-in ride that he somehow knew would come to fruition. Somehow, someway, Chiz knew Star would come calling and he jumped on that chance faster than Jett Lawrence on a donut. 

What does this mean? What is Chiz’s ceiling on the best bike in the pits? He told me earlier this week that the bike was an absolute rocket ship (thanks for that amazing insight BTW, I had no idea those bikes were like that) and that he was excited for the weekend. I am too.

Look at how well the other old dog Phil Nicoletti is riding. He was in a podium spot early at Daytona, so why can’t Chiz be on that same level? One thing is for sure, the main event is shorter, which means his Chizzing is going to be altered a bit. He’s going to need a better start and the 250 class riders make more mistakes, so he’s going to need to watch out for himself more than he would in the 450 class. He’s also not going to have the final five minutes that he is accustomed to on the 450, which is when his peak Chiz usually happens. 

The only thing I really want to see happen is Grant Harlan and Chiz latch onto one another and come up through the field together and finish on the podium 1-2. After that my life would be complete. Let’s see how this Chizzing unfolds. Bring an umbrella, or don’t.

Written by Troy Dog

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