The Standout Names from D1 of SX at the 2021 Mini O’s

We are racing here in the gator pits of Gainesville! The action on the track was so hot even the tree line caught fire on the property. No seriously, it happened. Grab a warm glizzy, crack a claw, and let’s get to it! 

Talon Hawkins

Talon Hawkins Flies Over the Competition.

Hawkins was absolutely hauling ass in 250 Pro Sport and 250A. Grabbing good starts over the likes of Nick Romano, Matt Leblanc, Jayden Clough, and Gavin Towers and simply checked out. Paint me impressed. The Main events in the coming days are going to be absolute fireworks. I’m sure Chance Hymas will have something to say about that.

Hodges Sets The Tone. 

Hannah Hodges was right at home on the Mini O’s Supercross track as she led wire to wire. It didn’t come easy as Katie Benson kept it within striking distance the entire race. It will be a battle of who can make the least mistakes between Hodges and Benson. Brianna Scheltema came through some traffic to secure the final podium spot. 

Evan Ferry

Schoolboy 2 Is As Advertised. 

I could go on and on about how good Haiden Deegan looks, which is really good by the way. But to be honest, the real drama unfolded in the 1st heat as Evan Ferry parked (clean might I add) Mark Fineis. Fineis would find himself on the ground, ok nothing too crazy, until Fineis tried cutting the track to catch up to Ferry for some retaliation. Obvs that didn’t work out so well. Ferry would go on to pass Ben Garib and take the Moto win and Fineis would DNF. I don’t think we will be seeing Fineis again in SX butttttttttt should be in for MX. That is the kind of action we are here for. 

65cc Is Stacked! 

If you are reading this column, I would start getting used to some names I am about to rattle off if you aren’t already. Tayce Morgan, Jaydin Smart, Alex Campigli, Jackson Vick, Easton Graves, Elliott Bowsher, Nolan Murphy, Travis Schneider and Braxton Baldock all secured podium spots in their respective heats. If you look a touch further back you have kids like Kayky De Pinho, Austin Keller, and Kade Nightingale, just to name a few. Expect to see more of this class as the week progresses. These kids send it.


Tiger Wood Pulling the Sneaky Line on the Inside (right)

(Fake) Tiger Wood Is Real.

Tiger Wood and Kristin Janik put on a show in Supermini 1. They were wheel-to-wheel until Janik pushed the front end, causing him to get caught under his bike leaving the door open for Ingacio Diez, Carter Malcolm, Codee Samples and Tyler Mollet to get by. Wood grabbed the win, but you know Janik will be back with a vengeance in the main. Jude Smerlick checked out in Heat 2 to take the win with Drew Adams in tow. Per usual, Supermini never disappoints. 

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Written by Jeff Simpson

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