Morning Espresso: Supercross is a Wrap at Mini O’s

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We made it! Supercross is a wrap here at Gatorback and we are here to save the day with all of the bits you may have missed over the past couple of days.

Deegs Does It In 450 B!

Haiden Deegan was able to lock up his first big bike title with a win in 450 B. Noah Smerdon would grab the start but on lap 2 Deegan was able to get into the lead after Nate Mason pushed the front end. Deegan would set sail from there to capture the win. Evan Ferry came through the pack to get second and Daxton Bennick would round out the podium.

Results + Fast Lap:

1: Haiden Deegan: 59.455

2: Evan Ferry: 59.954

3: Dax Bennick: 1:00.511

4: Preston Boespflug: 1:00.502

5: Gage Linville: 1:00.352

Hawkins’ Talons Were Locked On 250 A

Talon Hawkins made the jump to A this year and is looking right at home aboard his Rockstar Husky grabbing the holeshot and never looking back. Gavin Towers would get around Chance Hymas on lap 9 to secure second place setting the fastest lap of the week on lap 10 trying to get away from Hymas, who would come through the finish in third.

Results + Fast Lap:

1: Talon Hawkins: 58.694: Lap 5

2: Gavin Towers: 58.232: Lap 9 

3: Chance Hymas: 59.159: Lap 4

4: Jayden Clough: 59.200: Lap 6

5: Nick Romano: 58.727: Lap 7

Cochran Crushes 125 B/C

After getting second behind Noah Stevens in Schoolboy 1 earlier in the day, Casey Cochran looked to finish Supercross with a title and he did just that. Cochran grabbed the start over Ivan Aldama and never looked back. Logan Best had his hands full with Jordan Renfro and Noah Stevens but would hold on for third.

Results + Fast Lap:

1: Casey Cochran: 1:00.311: Lap 5

2: Ivan Aldama: 1:00.76: Lap 4 

3: Logan Best: 1:00.950: Lap 5

4: Jordan Renfro: 59.995: Lap 6

5: Noah Stevens: 1:00.231: Lap 7

65s Go HAM!

65 7-11 was one of the best races of the day, don’t @ me. Tayce Morgan would lead the pack around lap 1, Timothy Scott would get around Morgan and try to check out before going down giving the lead back to Morgan. Landen Walters went to work and passed for the lead with two laps to go and would go on to take the W. Morgan would finish second and Travis Schneider captured third.

Results + Fast Lap:

1: Laden Walters: 1:07.928: Lap 5

2: Tayce Morgan: 1:08.698: Lap 4 

3: Travis Schneider: 1:09.237: Lap 3

4: Jackson Vick: 1:09.227: Lap 4

5: Mavrik Gish: 1:10.012: Lap 3

Tyler Mollet Shocks Supermini 2

Tyler Mollet has had a hell of a week thus far landing on the podium in both Supermini Classes and winning Supermini 2. Mollet would holeshot and check out leaving the rest of sort the podium out laying down his fastest lap on lap 2. Codee Samples settled into second while Carter Malcolm would come from sixth to spray some champagne himself securing third place.

Results + Fast Lap:

1: Tyler Mollet: 1:02.990: Lap 2

2: Codee Samples: 1:04.520: Lap 3 

3: Carter Malcolm: 1:04.074: Lap 4

4: Will Campbell: 1:04.611: Lap 3

5: Reece Wheaton: 1:04.348: Lap 3

We Are Not Talking Struggles, Yet…

While there were some names missing from top 5’s or even top 10’s, we are not going to start talking struggles just quite yet. On a SX track that proved to be more of a holeshot contest—the lap times were so similar—all it took was a small misstep to find yourself buried in the back in no man’s land. Heck, one of the fastest laps of the SX portion came from Jayden Clough in traffic fighting for a top 10. We take this party to the moto track next which should give us a better look as to how the competition is stacking up on more typical conditions.

Written by Jeff Simpson

We met Jeff sleeping in a tent down the street from Loretta Lynn's... with his computer. At that point, we knew he would fit in with us. Then, he then drank all the white claw flavors none of us liked, and that's when we knew it was meant to be. Jeff officially became part of the crew.
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