Morning Espresso: Things Are Heating Up in MX at Mini O’s

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Let’s take this thing to the Gatorback! MX motos have kicked off at 7:25 a.m. sharp yesterday morning and the action was as hot as mom’s night out. We are here to catch you up on some of the bits you may have missed over Turkey Day.

The Chilean Sensation!

Ben Garib is back! Zombie Garib went down hard in SX and to be honest, I didn’t expect to see him back. Welp, he is and he put on a show in Schoolboy 2 Division 2 grabbing the start and checking out. Evan Ferry would start up front as well and sit in second until disaster struck just past the halfway point, as he went down hard and would DNF. Hopefully we will see him back sooner than later. Haiden Deegan would win his Division ahead of Daxton Bennick and Gage Linville.


Division 1:

1: Haiden Deegan

2: Daxton Bennick

3: Gage Linville

4: Noah Stevens

5: Preston Boespflug

Division 2:

1: Ben Garib

2: Patrick Murphy

3: Trevin Nelson

4: Mads Sorensen

5: Hamden Hudson

Smerlick No Quit

Just like Zombie Garib, Zombie Smerlick made an appearance in Supermini 1 Division 2 grabbing the holeshot and checking out. Smerlick has been putting in really good rides all of 2021 and is looking to secure a title on Supermini’s before he makes the jump to the bigger bikes. This sets up a dual between himself and Krystian Janik, who would bounce back from a rough go in SX to win Division 1. Keep an eye on these two, add in Tiger Wood, Will Canaguier, Tyler Mollet, Will Campbell, Dylan Sullivan and co, and we are sure to get some of the best racing of the week.


Division 1:

1: Krystian Janik

2: Tiger Wood

3: Will Campbell

4: Reece Wheaton

5: Johnathan Yelton

Division 2:

1: Jude Smerlick

2: Will Canaguier

3: Dylan Sullivan

4: Tyler Mollet

5: Jayden Serles

Canyon Crushes The Morning (and the Afternoon)

Canyon Richards has had quite the week this far wrapping up a couple titles during the SX portion of the week and he started MX where he left off checking out in 85cc (9-13) Division 1 taking the win over Cole Blencha and Caden Dudney. Division 2 would see Kade Johnson, Darren Pine and Seth Dennis cruise to the podium.

Richards would go on to sweep his classes throughout the day as well. He is looking to secure some championships against some heavy hitters.


Division 1:

1: Canyon Richards

2: Cole Blecha

3: Caden Dudney

4: Inaki Abaruza

5: Kane Bollasina

Division 2:

1: Kade Johnson

2: Darren Pine

3: Seth Dennis

4: Kannon Hargrove

5: Deacon Denno

Tiger Gets Pressure

Tiger Wood and Thor Powell had a hell of a dual in Mini Sr. Division 2. They went head-to-head for the entire race matching times and really pushing the pace. Wood took the win but Powell pushed him until the last corner after reeling him in on the last lap. Deacon Denno brought it home for 3rd. Kade Johnson, Chase Andersen and Kai Buerge were your top 3 from Division 1.

In Mini Sr. 2, Wood and Powell would go at it again! This time a costly mistake by Tiger Wood would give the W to Powell. These classes just jumped to the top of the Must Watch List.


Division 1:

1: Kade Johnson

2: Chase Andersen

3: Kai Buerge

4: Nick Frazier

5: Nate Orr

Division 2:

1: Tiger Wood

2: Thor Powell

3: Deacon Denno

4: Jesson Turner

5: Kannon Hargrove

Hymas Is Best In Class

250 A has a few story lines of its own. Chance Hymas and his new(er) factory Honda deal, Nick Romano moves up to A, Gavin Towers leaves Team Green for Blu Cru, Matt Leblanc returns from injury just to name a few and the racing lived up to the hype. Hymas would get the start he has been looking for and set sail early never looking back. Towers would get situated in 2nd place until the freight train that is Nick Romano passed him on the last lap in the section before the finish running 3 seconds faster than Towers on the last lap who would settle for 3rd. While that was impressive, ride of the moto goes to Jayden Clough, whocame around the first lap in 16th and would move his way up to the 5th spot by the end of a moto. This group will see each other again a few times before the weekend is over and if they happen to start together we could see a historic battle.


1: Chance Hymas

2: Nick Romano

3: Gavin Towers

4: Matt Leblanc

5: Jayden Clough

Happy belated Thanksgiving, everyone!

Written by Jeff Simpson

We met Jeff sleeping in a tent down the street from Loretta Lynn's... with his computer. At that point, we knew he would fit in with us. Then, he then drank all the white claw flavors none of us liked, and that's when we knew it was meant to be. Jeff officially became part of the crew.
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