The Entire TLD/Red Bull GasGas Team Will Miss Budds Creek

Someone please call and check in on Tyler Keefe!

Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull GasGas has announced its entire team will miss this weekend at Budds Creek due to injury. 

“We are completely gutted to say that the entire team will be out and not racing this weekend at Budds Creek. After a tough last weekend for @_piercebrown he will join teammates @michaelmosiman42 and @justinbarcia on the sidelines,” the team announced on Instagram. “The boys are working extremely hard and doing everything possible to be 💯 heathy so they can be back racing as soon as possible. Thank you to all the fans who have shown us and the riders nothing but support over the last two weeks. We see your comments and appreciate them wholeheartedly ❤️ See you all soon!”

Barcia and Mosiman had big practice crashes during the break and missed Unadilla. They will also be out this weekend. 

Meanwhile, Pierce Brown had two big crashes at Unadilla last weekend and suffered a fractured collarbone and a concussion. 

“Little update for you guys: had a crash last weekend at unadilla that cost me a fractured collarbone and a concussion,” he wrote on Instagram. “Bummed but it’s the way things go sometimes. My main goal now is to get back to 100%. Big thanks to the people around me for still believing and supporting.”

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