Troy Dog’s Shack: Squad Update Numero Uno

New year, same me, bigger squad! Welcome to a fresh new year of T-Dog’s Shack. In 2021 we built an epic program off of a one race deal with my buddy (ex-buddy?) Kyle Chisholm. Somewhere along the way Grant Harlan and I became friends and he wore my face on his helmet during his abbreviated assault on the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. In August, I swooped in and signed Ashton Bloxom during the week at Loretta Lynn’s. Also in August, at the Ironman National, I signed Luke Renzland to the biggest official and unofficial deal ever. I STILL WASN’T FINISHED! At the end of October, Justin Starling and I came to an agreement for 450SX, which brings us all up to speed. 

It was the busiest offseason that I have had in this sport since 2015, when I was contributing to this amazing site, Pulp MX, interning at Racer X, and finishing my last term of college. I created a team of super heroes to help me in this journey. I enlisted the help of Braden Baumer (DaBaum Dog) of DaBaum Designs to help with clothing designs and he helped come up with the vision for the pineapple V that is on the brand new merch! Also helping with design has been the man who created all this mess, Mike Fisher (Fish Dog), who I wouldn’t be here without him. He created my original logo. Last and definitely not least, I have to thank the merch queen Ginger Dog (my wife) who helped me pick out what we would send to our Elite Athletes in their Squad packs. It was a lot of work throwing this together and most of it got accomplished late at night when our kids were asleep.

Anyway, our Elite Athlete Program riders have been very busy and so I figured I would give everyone an update on what they have all been doing. Here we go!

Ashton Bloxom

Ash Dog has been in recovery mode since September when he tore a muscle in his shoulder. The good news is that he was released from wearing a sling on Monday and has started doing cardio! He still hasn’t been given a release date, but the doggie has been hammering out the physical therapy. Other than that, Ash Dog has been crushing it on some Call of Duty and he won a $50 gift card on Instagram for a Butt Snorkeler contest. The man just keeps on winning. Hide your moms. 

Grant Harlan

Har Doggie has had a very busy and productive week training at Club MX. He’s been grinding at the South Carolina facility since the first of December and in my opinion it was the best offseason decision that he could have made. He’s got a fast group of riders to ride with and prepped tracks everyday. On Wednesday, Har Dog had his team photoshoot with Mike Vizer, and both of them delivered some amazing photos. Harlan is preparing for the 250SX East Region that starts on February 19 in Minneapolis. Let’s go.

Luke Renzland

Dozer Dog has added a couple of Husqvarna TC250 TWO STROKES to the program for 2022. He admits he hasn’t been riding much, but you’ve got to give him a break because it’s winter in New Jersey. He said an Arctic Tundra just blew through too. He’s got the Full Gas Sprint Enduro season opener coming up on January 22, which means I better get his Squad merch pack to him immediately. Hey, that’s what happens when you have trouble coming to terms in an official/unofficial contract dispute. Also, Dozer is preparing to take the W in Pulp MX Fantasy, but hasn’t joined our league yet. He says that he will be there though and Dozer always comes through. Respect. 

Justin Starling

Star Dog has had an eventful offseason as he’s built his own team with FXR/SKDA/JSR Motorsports. It’s a two year deal for him with his awesome title sponsors. He’s got one of the cleanest looking setups in the pits and even has a new race van that is wrapped! It looks amazing. Now, the biggest news is that I will be racing with him all SX season and he’s got the best casual apparel deal in the pits, if not the world. Star Dog is in the pits at Anaheim 1 at this very moment and getting ready for the opener tomorrow.

Stay tuned to my Twitter/Instagram feed @troydogvurb for his updates!

Written by Troy Dog

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