T-Dog’s Takes: Stewsday with David Banner

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Happy Stewsday, everyone! It’s a Vurbmoto holiday that happens once a week where we celebrate the legend himself.

I have a very special edition of Stewsday this week and I can’t believe it’s almost been 20 years since this topic of conversation came out. 

Back in 2004 the moto community was at peak Stew Mania. The man they call Bubba had taken over the sport with his skill, speed, scrubs, and domination of the 125 class that had all but switched to all 250Fs outdoors in 2004, except for Stewart, Brett Metcalfe, and Ryan Hughes. The poor souls over at Red Bull KTM just didn’t have an option for a 250 four-stroke. Stew chose the 125 as his weapon of choice. He dominated the class anyway, by a lot. It had to have been like a sick and twisted game to him.  

Somewhere along the way Stew had befriended music producer and recording artist David Banner from Mississippi. He even gave Banner shoutouts on the podium from time to time. As you should know, Banner is responsible for some absolute bangers like, ‘Play’, ‘Shawty Say’ featuring Lil Wayne, ‘Cadillac on 22’s’, and of course the always great, ‘Like a Pimp’ featuring Lil Flip. 

However, my favorite Banner song has to be ‘Crank it Up’ featuring Static Major. Static was also the man who helped bring you fine people ‘Lollipop’, which was Lil Wayne’s biggest hit (RIP Static). Why am I bringing this up for those of you who don’t know? Well, watch this music video! This thing has everything that you would want from an early to mid-2000s hip-hop video. It’s got throwback jerseys, stacks of money, grills, cars, spinny wheels, incredible editing, and…STEW!

I remember logging on the AOL Music site back in middle school and coming across this video and just being like. ‘WHAAAAT?!’ There was my guy Stew in his pink zebra Fox gear doing burnouts, nose wheelies, regular wheelies, and above all else cranking it up with Mr. Banner! I wish I could get the story on how this all came about, but yet here I am almost 20 years later still bumping this song. 

I love the fact that Banner is literally sitting on an actual tube TV that we all grew up with. For those of you today who don’t understand that life, ask your mom about them, we didn’t all have flat screens growing up and if we did they were $4,000 dollars. Stews cameo doesn’t last long, but he somehow makes himself look incredibly cool with the ten feet he had to work with in front of the camera. Towards the end of his segment he throws in a wheelie with some extra Stew sauce to say, ‘I’m him’. The rest is history. 

How did we get here? Well, on Friday night the lovely Ginger Dog and I went down memory lane on YouTube playing all of our favorite songs from back in the day. Somehow we went down a wormhole and landed on David Banner after Britney Spears’ ‘Lucky’. It jogged my memory that Stew was in a music video and viola, you know have an absolute fire blog courtesy of moi. 

As I sign off here, I hope all of you add to the already 1.8M views on this video. If we’re being completely honest this would be the equivalent of Jett Lawrence being in a Taylor Swift video today. That’s the type of magnitude we’re dealing with here. 

Happy Stewsday and long live the legends David Banner and Static Major!   

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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