Ken Roczen: “I WILL Be Back at the Highest Level of Racing”

Honda HRC’s Ken Roczen has been out of action since he and the team decided to “take a break” from Monster Energy AMA Supercross following Daytona. According to the team at the time Roczen “was stricken by an unrelated illness at the end of calendar-year 2021 but was nonetheless able to take a surprise win at the first event. Unfortunately, he hasn’t felt like himself since then, a situation that was compounded by a bout with Covid-19 just after the January 22 San Diego round.”

Roczen will return to racing at the opening round of Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross opener at Fox Raceway on May 28 and he took to Instagram today with a strong message regarding his future.

You can read it below:

“Soooo many people out there thought/ think i was / am done and i will never be the same….

What’s crazy about it is, that i … ALMOST… believed it. ALMOST!

F*%# YOU! &


I WILL be back at the highest level of racing!

I DO NOT GIVE A FLYING SHIT what anyone else thinks about my opinion. You can either support me or go and kick rocks for all i care.

I have made up my mind and no one can tell me otherwise.

Because i believe that that’s how it’s going to be

It may take some time but I’m ok with that.

I have done it before and I WILL do it again.


Sorry for the language but not really 🤷🏼‍♂️”

Main image: Honda HRC

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