Who Wins the 450 Monster Energy Supercross Title?

World Mini is this week, so most of the content on this here website will be dedicated to that.

But, doggies, this Monster Energy Supercross title is straight heat. Like, hot in here stuff.

Through 11 rounds of the championship, defending champion Eli Tomac and Cooper Webb are TIED in points.

Paging Clinton Folwer: Has a championship ever been this close? He’d probably say no.

Chase Sexton is 22 points back but still in it. He needs to rip off some wins though.

This all brings us to this week’s poll question: Who ya got for the title?

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  • Who Is Your Pick?

    • Eli Tomac
    • Cooper Webb
    • Chase Sexton

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  1. Sexton could win out and still lose the title…he will not win out. He’s out imo. Eli has not looked himself for a few rounds…yes he won, but not 100% on…Coop is not perfectly on either but his mental game is on again this year….I call Coop

  2. Eli is the real deal I would be surprised if he didn’t win
    Webb is a great racer also but Eli is monster

  3. Eli has the bike and experience and he is in his prime,and he is a all around champion.His riding is so right on,that he will be hard to beat.Eli has the championship in the bag I say. 🏆

  4. Eli is the Champ and won’t loose the red plate again, Cop is good but Eli is by far the best SUPERCROSS rider for the past few years, he is human and makes mistakes but he comes back Stronger, I’m all about Eli Tomac to keep that # 1 plate in red all the way to the end and be a 3 X champ and can’t wait to see him be on beast mode for Pro Moto💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  5. Seattle was a big win for Tomac. He got passed by a few guys, and then figured out how to take back those positions. Re-passing and then dropping Webb in the later stages( when Webb is always his best) was a huge motivational boost for Eli, and demoralizing for Webb. The championship started in Daytona, and ended in Seattle.

    Eli will look like James in the end, with all them NECK BUURNS!

  6. Cooper… Than Sexson to KTM “2024” and Roger will fix his dirt samples!
    2024 Sexson #1.

  7. Cooper Webb may not be the fastest but he’s the the toughest mentally and I think it’s going to come down to that

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