Unquotables, Indy: “I Completely Picked Ken Roczen for the Win”

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Round 9 of Monster Energy AMA Supercross was held this past weekend in Indy. And while there were a TON of great quotes during the press conference and such, we went deeper. And got things riders 100000000 PERCENT DID NOT SAY.

Without further ado, these are things that definitely WERE NOT said by the riders or personnel after the ninth round of the 2023 Monster Energy Supercross Championship, but we all know they were thinking it.

Every media person: “I completely picked Ken Roczen for the win. I knew when he moved to Suzuki and after the year he’s had so far, he was a lock for a win here in Indy. Just don’t check my Fantasy team…”

Cooper Webb: “*smiles*”

Ken Roczen: “I’d just like to thank myself. Again. And more than before. But also the team this time too.”

Average Joe in dealership: “I’d like to buy one of those yella bikes with that metal thing Ben Lockson was holding on the podium.”

Eli Tomac: “That definitely didn’t go to plan.”

Justin Barcia: “Please refer to my bike as ‘Ga-ga-bee-key’ from the underwater sea clan, found on the planet moon of Pandora.”

Mr Suzuki: “Why are we paying out a $100,000 win bonus to a Mr Kenneth Roczen? I thought we shit-canned that dirtbike programme a while ago?”

Chase Sexton: “I thought I’d chuck in a crash whilst in second this time, just to keep people on their toes.”

Main image: DNC Photos

Written by Coney Island Dog

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