SMX Storylines Heading Into Playoff 2

The inaugural SuperMotocross Playoffs are about to invade Chicagoland Speedway for round 2! There are a million and one storylines heading into this race and I’m going to have trouble picking just a few to highlight here! What better way to go into the weekend than break down some scenarios that may happen as well as give you a refresher into what’s at stake. 

Chasing Chase

It’s still early, but Chase Sexton is looking perfect in the SMX Playoffs. He accumulated the most points, which led to his overall #1 seeding position entering Charlotte. The drag strip was great to the HRC Honda rider who went 1-1 on the day and his first win since May. I’ll dive more into who is chasing after him in the next graf, but for now Sexton has all the confidence in the world heading into Chi Town. Will he remain perfect? 

Lawrence Brother Rebound

Well, we found out that the Super Lawrence Bros. are in fact human and *gasp* they had a rough day at the opening playoff. Jett went 7-2 for 4th, looked better in the second moto, but after winning every race of his 450 career I got spoiled and expected more. Hey, he created the expectation, not me. Hunter as well, His 9-7 for 8th overall was a little bit strange, however I’m not worried about either of them. They both always have a plan and these next rounds are for double and triple points. Plenty of racing left to go. 

Double Points

As I mentioned above, Chicago is for double points, which should help out those who have a better second round than the first. The sport has never seen a point structure like this before and I’m interested in diving into the scenarios after this race on who can win it all. 

Cooper Webb

Webb went 8-7 for 8th overall in his debut with Star Racing. On the broadcast it kept getting mentioned that Webb showed up to Charlotte ready to win and he wasn’t there to test the bike. The eighth probably wasn’t what Webb was looking for, so I’m assuming he used that to fire up his motivation this week. Webb will be better in Chicago, but will it be enough to challenge for the win?

250 Class Consistency

The 250 class is so deep with talent at the moment that it’s incredibly hard to have two really great motos in a row. The scores at Charlotte were all over the board. Jo Shimoda won with a 4-1 if that tells you anything. Consistency is the key to win all the money and if I’m a 250 guy right now that’s what I’m focusing on. Sure, it’s easier said than done. My question is, will the scores be more consistent for the 250 guys, or will we see a mixup between motos as we saw in Charlotte and at the majority of the outdoors?

Not Racing Chicago

Also, like 6 riders will get in from the 250 LCQ today because Forkner, Mumford, and Anstie are not racing. Put me in coach.

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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