Slawservation: James Stewart Would Have 10000 Percent Destroyed the Wall Jump at Daytona

I miss James Stewart. I think the sport as a whole misses James Stewart. The things that dude could do on a dirtbike, were just downright flithy. 

Following Daytona, The Slaw came out with just two conclusions: 1) The Ken Roczen/Cooper Webb rivalry is heating the F UP and it’s great for the sport. All sports need rivalries. Baseball is better when the Yankees and Red Sox are good and battling each other and 2) James Stewart would have 10000000000000000 percent destroyed that wall jump.

Don’t believe The Slaw? Need further proof?

Just see below. 

Chase Sexton, who is trained by Stew, tried it in qualifying and came away with 15 stitches and 2 broken teeth. Still, Stew would be proud. 

That’s Slaw for now!

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