Morning Espresso: Sexton Goes Huge at Daytona, Raha in the Dunes, Best Front Flip Ever and More

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Sexton Goes Huge at Daytona

When I saw the wall jump at Daytona, I immediately had one thought: James Stewart would 10000000000 percent hit that. 

Well, the only person I heard that hit it all day was, CHASE “MOTHER FING” SEXTON! Of course Sexton is trained by Stew so you know he had to try it. 

Unfortunately for Chase it resulted in 15 stitches and 2 broken teeth. Still, Stew would be proud. 

Raha at Glamis and Dumont

One of the baddest free riders in the game right now is Colby Raha. Dude goes huge and has some sick style. He recently released a video hitting the dunes out at Glamis and Dumont and it’s sick. Also, it features 2Pac, so that’s another win in Slaw’s book.

Slaw’s Not Worthy

Speaking of going big, MY GOODNESS TB!

I Have No Words

Dirt Shark + Malcolm

Monster caught up with Malcolm Stewart for a mid-season conversation at his home in Haines City, FL and it features some exclusive riding footage from the Stewart Compound.

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