Slaw’s Dawgs of the Week: Cam Is Not Human

Welcome to Slaw’s Dawgs of the Week, where I, Slaw, humble leader of Slaw Nation, will outline some guys that had that dawg in them at Anaheim 2.

These won’t necessarily be race winners, or even guys on the podium. Nope, just guys that had that dawg in them.

Cameron McAdoo

Below is Cam’s elbow. No more needs to be said. Dawg of the Week.

Phil Nicoletti

Phil got a damn light put on him for an experiment on what could be coming in the future for race leaders. Has Phil ever led this many laps in a Supercross? I have no idea. Put on a light on Phil and the dude comes through. Dawg!

RJ Hampshire

RJ is one tough SOB. Dude came back from a torn ACL in like two weeks. Kidding it was a little longer, but still. At A2, he had a massive crash in the second race, but you KNEW RJ was coming out for the third race. Dawg!

Julien Beaumer

Mister Beaumer was super fast all damn day and it’s a shame we didn’t get to see his full potential in the Supercross Futures main. Beaumer cased a jump HARD early and his dang handlebars got all messed up. He could have called it a day, but nope, he finished the main like a Dawg!

Main image: Kawasaki

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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