Slawdictions for Seattle: Tomac Slays PNW

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Following a 93 percent accuracy rate in 2022, the most-read, most popular blog in Supercross is back for another season of flaming hot predictions. We are off to round 11 in Seattle.

As the greatest wrastler alive, Ric Flair, once said: “I’m the stylin’, profilin’, limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin’ and dealin’ son of a gun.”

As always, we will first review my amazing picks from Detroit before we get into Seattle.

Prediction | Webb Keeps the Red Plate

The Weege described Webb so perfectly earlier this week on Twitter, so I’m stealing it and claiming it as my own. Good for me! Anyway, Webb keeps the red plate for another week.

Weege is a capital J, so glad we are on the same page. Anyone who thinks Webb ain’t gonna be a BIG problem down the stretch don’t know moto.

Slawdiction: 100 out 10.

Prediction | Bam WINS!

I’m going out on a bun this week, Slaw Nation. That’s right, I got Bam Bam for his first win of the year. You know when Bam is feeling it, you get images like this and piss revs all over the track.

Bam was FIESTY early in the main. Legit thought he was going to win. Not sure what happened, but still a good night from Mr. Clean.

Slawdiction: 2 out 10.

Prediction | Hunter Wins

Bold, I know!

Y’all see this cool start I posted about Jett and Hunter? Yep, just doing good things for people.

Slawdiction: 100 out 10.

Prediction | Max Back on the Podium

Off night for a Mister Anstie in Indy. He’s back on the podium and delivering more epic speeches.

Max crashed. Did not finish.

Slawdiction: Incomplete.

Prediction | Karnow Packs Another Main

How can he not after this start to the weekend.

LOG DOG, you must alert Slaw to anytime you do not feel 100% leading into a race so he does not look stupid. I’m NOT mad, just disappointed.

Slawdiction: Incomplete. Log Dog should have alerted Slaw.

On to Seattle, the Crown Jewel of the series.

Neck Strain

Eli Tomac won’t admit it, but I think his neck was bothering him last weekend as well. I’m not doctor, but I did WebMD neck strain and people who are doctors say a neck strain can last four to six weeks. That’s for normal people. Tomac is not that. He gets a win this weekend AND TIES STEW!!!!

Jett Wins But I’m Also Predicting the 250 Podium

The 250SX West Region is back! I blogged a refresher for you doggies this week, so go read that. Anyway, Jett picks up where he left off and wins. Hampshire and McAdoo will round out the podium.

Mumfy Is Good

Carson Mumford finally makes his Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki debut this weekend. I’ve heard he’s “flying at the test track” and could “top 5”. Look, I’m a Mumfy guy. Through and through. BUT, I’m not going top 5. Top 10 for sure, though.

Seely Is Back!

A very under the radar story this weekend is the return of Cole Seely! Yep, he’s back and is going to be throwing HEAT. Straight up, I think he top 10s in his first race back.

AP Keeps It Up

AP and Seattle go together like a classic Oscar and Slaw on a hot summer night. Don’t think what happened last week will keep him from coming in hot to the PNW. He’s will. And he will podium.

Main image: Jessica Reed

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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