I’m Pretty Sure RJ Hampshire is a Cyborg

Look, I’m no doctor, but I do own a computer, and can Google things. So, yeah, suck it!

Why, you ask, am I talking about “not” being a doctor? Well, according to a recent interview with Racer X, Rockstar Energy Husqvarna’s RJ Hampshire confirmed he started riding just 10 WEEKS!!!!! after undergoing ACL surgery.

To put this into perspective, Adrian Peterson, widely known as one of the most gifted running backs in NFL history, took nine months to return to action. And the entire NFL was floored at his speedy recovery. Given, he takes hits below the belt on just about every play, but it’s not like motocross is returning to the pitch to play cricket. I’d be willing to be it’s every bit as hard on the knee as football is.

“The knee is solid,” he told Racer X. “I believe tomorrow is 13 weeks from surgery and I started riding three weeks ago. Today is my third week. It’s kind of unreal, just the mental side of things. I was like, “Look, I’ve got to be ready.” At first we thought we were going racing on the Fourth of July, and that’s what I was set on. I was pretty beat up and hurt from missing supercross, I literally had surgery to be ready for supercross. To miss that, man, I was butt hurt pretty bad, so I wasn’t going to miss any more of my races. We hired a guy pretty much full-time back here in Florida to take care of my therapy and after ten weeks I was back on the bike. Honestly I feel pretty much back to normal now.”

“Man, I was so worried,” he continued. “Everyone was telling me like five or six months and I’m like, ‘Dude, look. That’s not possible for me.'”

(You can read the entire interview here. It’s worth your time.)

Ten weeks seems absolutely incredible, especially when you consider an ACL injury can cost riders an ENTIRE season!!!! RJ is expected to be ready for the start of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross on July 18.

Even Adam Cianciarulo is blown away:

I’m pretty sure RJ is a cyborg or something.

Main image: Husqvarna Images

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