TLD Teases Guest Rider For Millville, Here’s Who We Think It Should Be

Yesterday, Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull KTM teased a “guest rider” for this weekend at Millville, which gave us some ideas on who we want to see this weekend. These are a group of riders that have already seen fame beyond belief, and we believe it’s high time they got their shot on the big stage.

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A guest rider will be under the #teamtld tent at Spring Creek, guess who ???? #tldmoto

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Andrea Carson

Andrew Carson is a red hot motocross rider, and he was just about to enter the championship race, one that he’s trying to leverage into a corporate sponsorship, but it’s rumored that he’s now broken his leg. Word on the street is that his twin sister Andrea could decide to impersonate him, so that he won’t miss out on his big chance. Will it be this weekend at Millville? And do you think anyone will notice, especially Tyler Keefe, that’s it’s definitely not Andrew swinging his leg over the TLD KTM ride?

K.C. or Trip Carlyle

Brothers K.C. and Trip Carlyle are talented racers who are fiercely competitive with each other. We hear things are getting heated though, as K.C. who, earlier this summer, was offered an exclusive ride at the Millcreek Summer Classic while Trip was left in the background. Unfortunately, Trip was tragically disabled after a racing accident, so we’re wondering if the brothers can manage to set aside their differences. If Trip can coach K.C. and help him, he could be a viable fill in for the TLD KTM ride this weekend.

Jack Simmons

Recently, Jack Simmons’ mother sent him off with money to buy groceries, and word on the street he came home with a magic supercharged dirtbike instead. His mother was furious, but we hear Jack plans to use the magic bike to win Millville and save his local hot dog stand from the clutches of corrupt big business. Will he become the town hero and throw some orange plastics on his magic bike? If we were TLD management, we’d definitely be leaning our resources this route.

Marshall Bennett

Soldier Marshall Bennett just returned back home after sustaining injuries from an improvised explosive device overseas. Sadly, upon returning home, he’s learned his father is behind on his mortgage payments, given the murder hornet pandemic and all. Marshall is a very competitive motocross racer, so if he get his chance this weekend, he could very well save the family farm with some bonus checks.

Billy Robinson

Billy Robinson is undoubtedly a top rider in the business. If Billy were to snag this TLD KTM fill in ride and go back to his hometown of Millville, we can imagine he will be met with adoration by most, though some could be resentful of the successful youth. However, if Billy gets his shot this weekend, he will be pitted against his best buddy, Rick Melon, who is arguably just as skilled, but hasn’t had his big break yet. Will the race take its toll on Billy and Rick’s longtime friendship, or will the two work things out, despite their rivalry? I guess we’ll see if Billy gets the call from Tyler Keefe.

Cale Bryant

Though the odds are stacked against him, Cale dreams of winning a slot on a racing team. He’s got the love and support of his mother, his spunky little sister and his new girlfriend, but Cale still needs to prove that he has the skill, courage and determination to succeed. It’s a long shot, but he could be on the list to set up under the factory tent this weekend.

Slaw Dog

As a slaw-abiding citizen, this guy should be getting a call from TK any second. Hell, there should be another bike added to the roster just for him. Vurb, and Slaw, need that bonus money to get to Mini O’s.

Main image: TLD KTM

Written by Vurbwes Chilidog

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