Slawdictions For Indianapolis 3

ANOTHER race this weekend and with five rounds over the last I don’t know, 14 or so days, Slaw is just about out of…. HAHHAHA, Slaw will never run out of hot takes!

Let’s review my Indy 2 predictions and get into Indy 3.



Through four rounds we’ve already had four different winners (Justin Barcia, Ken Roczen, Eli Tomac and Cooper Webb), could we see a fifth on Tuesday? Damn skippy doggies. This field is deep (no, I’m not saying deepest EVER, just saying there is a ton of talent) and I think we see a new winner in the form of either Adam Cianciarulo, Zach Osborne or Marvin Musquin. Stamp it.

Yeah, this was really bad. Not only did Ken Roczen become the first repeat winner, but the only four riders to have a W this year—Roczen, Justin Barcia, Eli Tomac and Cooper Webb—went 1-2-3-4. I suck.

Slawdiction: -1000 out of 10


Malcolm only has one top five this season, coming at the opening round in Houston. But don’t let that stat fool ya, Mook Dog has been solid this year on the Yamaha. His second top five comes Tuesday unless Justin Barcia judo kicks his bike again.

This was looking really, really good until Malcolm got caught in the Cooper Webb train late and then crashed in the whoops. Dammit.

Slawdiction: ½ out of 10.


LEAD. SLAW. LOCK. OF. THE. WEEK. ALERT!!!!! No, I’m not going out on a limb here, but whatever, my column, doggies. Nichols, the Jett and Craig make up the 250 podium. For extra Slaw, here is my finishing order: Nichols, Lawrence, Craig.

Jett got hurt and didn’t race. Doesn’t count. Sorry, my rules!

Slawdiction: Incomplete.


Marv didn’t get to showcase his technical skills on a rutty, technical Indy 1 track. That changes at Indy 2. Marv is BACK on the podium!

I, I, I…. I have no excuses. I think the week off messed with me.

Slawdiction: -5000 out of 10.


Goodness gracious, did you see Zach just plow through the field like a Tasmanian devil going after a pack of Oscar-Meyers on Saturday? Somehow, Zach hit the freaking gate on the start and was worse than dead last (yes, that’s a thing I just made up). On a track that wasn’t the easiest to pass on, he came all the way back to fifth. I like him to secure his first podium Tuesday.

Gone drinking.

Slawdiction: -5000 out of 10.


Nichols Wins Again

Way to go out on a limb Slaw, right? Well, guess what doggies, I NEED TO REBOUND, so suck it. Colt gets it done again and takes one step closer to his first title.

Oldenburg Makes the Main

Not only will Oldenburg make the main, he will actually qualify this time!

Plessinger Keeps Rolling

I’m really liking what I’m seeing from AP this year. After a rough start to his 450 career, he’s back with Star, the team he won two titles with, and has been super solid through five rounds. I’m not calling another top 5, but I think he lands inside the top 8. He’s good in these conditions.

Marv Bounces Back!

It has to happen eventually, right? Marv has actually been riding pretty well, but crashes and starts have killed him. I don’t think he podiums, but I like him for a top 5.

Barcia Struggles

Bam Bam was SOOO good on Tuesday. Watching him hold Eli Tomac at bay was liking watching Kobayashi slam a half dozen Oscar’s, just flawless.

BUT, I don’t think it happens again on Saturday. I don’t know, call me crazy. I think he finishes outside the top 5.

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  1. This is honestly the most underrated article in the world. Brilliant! My prediction, Slaw finally pulls off a sponsor for this article and it goes Platinum!

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