Slawdictions For Indianapolis 2

Before we get into some hot, flaming bold predictions, I, humble leader of #slawnation, need to offer a formal apology for missing last week. DannyStuDog, Art Dog, Chicago Dog and myself were on a top secret shoot all week and Slaw had no time for hot takes. No excuses, I can only promise to do better.

Since I missed Indy 1, let’s review my predictions from Houston 3 and then get into Indy 2.

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Can we talk about Justin “Mother Fing” Brayton? Goodness gracious. Dude is 36 and landed on the damn podium at Houston 2 and is third in points, two back of Justin Barcia. Is Brayton going to contend for a title? No, probably not. Sorry, Weege. But, is he going to top 10 the shit out of this class all season long? Probably. His hot start continues with another top 10 finish.

Nailed it by the skin of my Slaw Dog. Brayton got tenth and I was once again correct. You are welcome.

Slawdiction: 12 out of 10.


Well, well. Come to find out Webb struggled with his back this off-season and had to take some time off which explains his early season “struggles”. If would you have told Webb he’d go 9-4 to start the season and only by seven points back of the championship lead, he’d gladly take it. Look for his first podium finish this weekend.

Add another correct prediction to the list. Not only did Webb score a podium, he got his first win of the season.

Slawdiction: 12 out of 10.


I have no idea why no one is talking about Colt Nichols. Dude is on fire to start the season, going 3-2 and passing H1 winner Christian Craig late at H2. I see another podium in the cards this weekend. That’s my Lead Slaw Lock.

No surprises here, as my Lead Slaw Lock of the week hit. Nichols won and Slaw Nation celebrated.

Slawdiction: 12 out of 10.


BamBam had a terrible start at H2, so even if he didn’t break his shifter and had to ride around in first gear dang near the entire race, I’m not sure he would have won. This time will be different. I love Barcia on this track on this new bike. I think he wins again on Saturday.

Hey, we’re all human, right?

Slawdiction: 0 out of 10.


AC should have had a podium at H2, but mistakes cost him. Not this weekend. AC snags his first podium of the young season.

HE’S ON FIRE! Yes, I correctly called this as well.

Slawdiction: 12 out of 10.

Onto this week’s predictions.

New Winner in 450SX

Through four rounds we’ve already had four different winners (Justin Barcia, Ken Roczen, Eli Tomac and Cooper Webb), could we see a fifth on Tuesday? Damn skippy doggies. This field is deep (no, I’m not saying deepest EVER, just saying there is a ton of talent) and I think we see a new winner in the form of either Adam Cianciarulo, Zach Osborne or Marvin Musquin. Stamp it.

Top 5 For Malcolm

Malcolm only has one top five this season, coming at the opening round in Houston. But don’t let that stat fool ya, Mook Dog has been solid this year on the Yamaha. His second top five comes Tuesday unless Justin Barcia judo kicks his bike again.

Nichols, Jett, Craig Podium

LEAD. SLAW. LOCK. OF. THE. WEEK. ALERT!!!!! No, I’m not going out on a limb here, but whatever, my column, doggies. Nichols, the Jett and Craig make up the 250 podium. For extra Slaw, here is my finishing order: Nichols, Lawrence, Craig.

Marv Podium

Marv didn’t get to showcase his technical skills on a rutty, technical Indy 1 track. That changes at Indy 2. Marv is BACK on the podium!

Osborne Podium

Goodness gracious, did you see Zach just plow through the field like a Tasmanian devil going after a pack of Oscar-Meyers on Saturday? Somehow, Zach hit the freaking gate on the start and was worse than dead last (yes, that’s a thing I just made up). On a track that wasn’t the easiest to pass on, he came all the way back to fifth. I like him to secure his first podium Tuesday.

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