Cade Clason Makes First Main in 1,375 Days, Then Has Truck Stolen

Prior to Tuesday night, Prmx Racing’s Cade Clason last made a 450SX main event on April 29, 2017, in East Rutherford. Shortly after that, Clason was suspended due to a positive drug test at the 2017 East Rutherford Supercross. Clason admitted he had been taking Adderall but believed he had filed the proper Therapeutic Use Exemption paperwork to continue racing. The FIM disagreed.

The suspension finally expired in 2019, and he returned to supercross the following year. Well, on Tuesday at Indy 2, Clason made the main event, his first since East Rutherford. If you’re counting at home, that’s 1,375 days between main events!

“1,375 days is a hell of a wait,” he wrote on social. “Felt good to earn that spot again. Thanks for all the love last night, literally impossible to respond to everyone. The goals don’t stop there, a crash in the main along with getting tangle up while getting lapped isn’t how I wanted my night to end. But it’s a start.”

Despite the crash and 21st place finish, overall a great night, right? Well, yes and no.  

Apparently, Cade had his truck stolen from his AirBnB last night! That’s a straight kick to the nads after making your first main in over 1,300 days.

Hopefully Cade makes the main Saturday and does not get his truck stolen.

Main image: Prmx Racing

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