Slawdictions for Detroit: Webb’s Podium Run Continues

Following a nearly 79 percent pick rate over the first nine rounds, I’m here to bring you the most flame, fire, fuego, feu, Пожар predictions for the 10th round of Monster Energy Supercross in Detroit.

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As always, we will first review my predictions from the last round in Daytona…

Prediction | Tomac Breaks RC’s Record

Ricky Carmichael owns a f ton of records in this sport, including the all-time Daytona wins record. He’s currently tied with Eli Tomac at five, but that goes away this weekend. Tomac and Daytona mix like a good ole Oscar and some Slaw on a hot summer night. Heck, even RC himself thinks he’ll do it. Who am I to doubt the GOAT?

“I want to see him do it. I love seeing history being made, and he deserves it,” said Carmichael, who, for the 15th consecutive year, designed the Daytona course that Tomac will vie for elite status this weekend. “I think he’s the one to beat my record. His style fits this track. He is a fantastic rider and a great ambassador of our sport.”

I’m just gonna leave this here. Tomac is nearly unbeatable at Daytona.

Slawdiction: 10 out of 10.

Prediction | Ken Rebounds

If Ken is going to rebound this year, it has to happen here. I kind of sort of think he does. Top five for Roczen this weekend. Stamp it! Kind of.

Ken got seventh, which was his best finish since Glendale where he finished fifth. But two of those spots were handed to him because Mook Dog and Mr Fried got penalties. Then Kenny pulled out of the series because of health issues. Ugh. Dang it, hate this for Kenny and the team.

Slawdiction: 4 out fo 10.

Prediction | Phil Gets a Top Five

We all love to give Phil shit from time to time, but we really need to give him credit on how well he is riding in his return to supercross. He’s been super good and that continues this weekend with a top five finish.

This was looking so GOOD. Then Phil got passed by his “brother in law” and apparently had clutch issues. Typical black cloud over Phil.

Slawdiction: 0 out of 10.

Prediction | We Have a Surprise Podium in the 250 Class

The once very deep East Region has been hit hard by injuries. I think this leads to a surprise podium performance in the 250 Class. Who will it be? I don’t give that away for free.

You’re free to say Stilez Robertson getting second was NOT a surprise. And in turn I will say I have zero respect for your take. I’m 10000 percent taking this one.

Slawdiction: 10 out of 10.

Prediction | Peters Top 10

KP is like the Chiz of the 250 Class. He just does what he does and flies under the radar. Top 10 for Chiz Peters this weekend.

Chiz Peters did not Chiz. He crashed pretty hard and couldn’t finish the race. Now he has to deal with the OG Chiz in the 250 Class on a Star Yamaha rocket ship, who we all know will Chiz all over the class.

On the crown jewel of the series, Detroit…

Webb’s Hot Streak Continues

Following his podium at the opener, Cooper Webb went a very un Cooper Webb like 4-8-8-8-8 over the next four rounds. Well, THAT’S COOPER WEEB’S MUSIC, because he’s back doggies. He’s got three straight podiums and damn near beat Eli Tomac at his favorite track. His podium streak continues at Detroit. 

Chiz Chizzes on the 250 Class

Death, taxes and Chiz Chizzing. Three things we know for certain that will happen in life. After Chizzing all over the 450 Class as a privateer, Chiz will fill-in at Monster Energy/Star Racing Yamaha in the 250 Class starting this weekend. And guess what? He will Chizz all over that class. Stamp it.

Jett Lawrence Wins Again

Bold, I know!

Enzo Lopes Scores Another Top 5

We need to talk about Enzo. Dude has been a straight stud to open the 250SX East Region. He damn near had a podium last weekend. He is fourth in points. And he’s coming off a season-best fifth at Daytona. I like him for another top five this weekend.

Mr. Fried Rebounds

After a few dust ups with the Mook Dawg, Mr. Fried turns it around and WINS this weekend. Yep, calling it right here, right now.

Main image: KTM Images

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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