Power Rankings: J-Law, Slaw, and Troy List Their Favorite Roczen Wins

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POWER RANKINGS ARE HERE! This week the usual suspects are here (minus Ginger and Den) to bring you the best Power Rankings lists in the sport! For the off-weekend we’ve decided to list our favorite Ken Roczen 450SX wins, since he’s fresh off of his 22nd win in Glendale!

Law Dog

– On the Honda and his first win since being hurt.

– On the KTM with a stacked field, it was surprising.

– His first win on the Suzuki! It’s killer that he did it with a kickstart, but the guy would win an SX on a lawn mower given fifteen tries.

– I thought this was his first straight up win against Villopoto and the rest. Anaheim 1 was a statement, Atlanta stamped it.

– First win of 2024, or the first win of Kenny’s first title season?

Slaw Dog

-If you don’t have this #1, you don’t know moto. Oh, look who didn’t have it one… Hint: Troy!

-Game changing win for Kenny and Suzuki. This is where Kickstart Kenny was born.

-His first win with Honda. He was so fast on that bike.

-Amazing battle with RV. Real cornerstone win, IMO.

-Last win with RCH, which soon folded.

Troy Dog

– Indianapolis 2023 was an insane race! I was there and the crowd hadn’t been that loud at that stadium since James Stewart and Chad Reed battled there in 2009. It was a great race with Justin Barcia and Kenny. Those two went at it for the majority of the race and it went all the way until the last lap. Some say that Kenny won because I was a good luck charm earlier that day as his HEP Suzuki teammate.

– Anaheim 1, 2014 was a surprise win for me. No, it wasn’t his 450SX debut, but it was his first full-time 450SX win. I had my sights set on Ryan Dungey, Ryan Villopoto, and James Stewart. Yet, it was the rookie who got the job done.

– Dude, do you remember how good Kenny was riding those first two rounds of 2017? Had he have kept that pace up and not gotten hurt at the third round then he definitely would have had a cvhampionship in 450SX.

– St. Louis 2020 was Ken’s first win since all of his injuries and it was a feel good story from his career. Slaw can kick rocks, this is MY list of favorite Kenny wins, and Indy 2023 was because of me.

– I think most people forget Covid SX. We had three rounds in Indy in 2021 and Ken won all of them. It was a clutch performance.

Main Image: Octopi Media

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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