No One Cares with Colt Nichols

Welcome to No One Cares, a new feature where we ask riders the hard hitting, must know questions that other media sites are too scared to ask. Also, these questions have almost nothing to do with moto or current events.

You won’t hear about results, training, or sponsor thanks here, this blog isn’t for them. IT’S FOR THE PEOPLE!

For our first installment I figure no better person to ask than the current East Coast points leader Colt Nichols. Colt is cool as shit and I imagine could use a break from answering the same three questions over and over. That all being said, here we go.

Vurb: Colt, it’s a well known fact that every motocross racer loves ice cream. They go hand in hand, like PB&J. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? And none of that “I don’t eat ice cream because of my training regiment” bull shit.
Colt Nichols: Just plain ole vanilla is my jam when it comes to ice cream, but the ultimate is Pistachio Gelato..that shit slaps.

I’ve known you for a while and for years have seen you wearing headphones around the track. You’re and OG member of the Rap Pack and I once even heard you say you named your AirPods “Hater Blockers.” To sum it up, you obviously love music. So my question is what genre of music can you absolutely NOT stand. Like, if it came on in the car, which music would you either shut off or open the door and roll out full Tom Cruise style?
Honestly I wouldn’t say anything makes me just lose it and turn it off. It all depends on the mood I’m in at the time. I’ll be listening to Future, Lil Uzi, 6Black then completely turn the page and start blasting Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs.

Do you have any aspirations after racing? A lot of riders take up flying, some go the four wheel rout… what’s Colt gonna do? If you don’t have one might I suggest Boogie Boarding? If that’s not your deal I know for a fact that X-Bladz [from Disney Channel’s Brink] is looking for a fourth rider..just saying.
I’m hoping when the day comes that I retire I can relax and not have to stress about what I’m going to do. Just do things to do them and have fun with it all. I do know I’ll need some sort of racing or competitiveness and that could be cycling or something along those lines. But loading up the cooler with beer and playing golf with my buddies doesn’t sound too bad either.

So picture this, it’s the last round of the season and you’ve wrapped up the championship. On a scale of 1-10, how hard are you celebrating. One being “maybe a drink” and 10 being “so hard that you wake up on Sunday not sure if you won or not”?
Well that all sounds fantastic but there’s still work to be done and nothing is a given, no matter what. I just want to take care of business first, then we’ll talk celebrations after.

Saving the best for last, and this is undoubtedly the most important question. In 2010 I bet you $50 or a Rap Pack hoodie that you would NOT pull a single holeshot at Mini O’s. Although I believe you went on to wrap up some titles there, you definitely did NOT pull a single start all week. It’s now been almost 11 years and I have yet to see my $50 or a, will I ever get my $50 or hoodie? Keep in mind you’re on a factory team and I am STILL working for Vurb.
Hahahaha wow, I do remember this now that you mention it. I’ll see if I can pull some strings and get you a hoodie. This is long overdue.

Will I ever get my hoodie? Probably not. Is Colt a badass and really cool for doing this with me, yes. Keep a look out because I will for sure let the world know when he pays up, if ever.

Main image: Feld


Written by Boogie Dawg

Just a former farm dawg turned beach dawg who lives for the boogie.

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