Aaron Plessinger Is a Beast, Will Race Budds Creek; Colt Nichols Remains Sidelined

If I suffered a crash like Aaron Plessinger did at Unadilla, I, a week later, would probably still be curled up in a ball, laying on the side of the track. AP ain’t no b**** like me though.

Despite suffering a bruised lung and liver, AP will line up this weekend at Round 9 of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship at Budds Creek.

“I ended up landing in a hole which jarred my hand and sent the bike wide open,” he stated on Instagram following the crash. “I ended up doing a half back flip to the ground. I was spitting blood for quite a while and the docs wanted me to go get scanned and stuff and get some X-rays done.

“I think I came out best-case scenario, with a bruised lung and a slightly bruised liver,” he continued. “We’ll go from here and see what we can do, see if I can ride this week or not.

“Really sucks. I was feeling really good. Me and Kenny were really putting the hammer down. I’m more hungry now that every I guess. That win’s been eluding me and I need to get it done before the end of the year. Let’s get back to it. That’s behind us now and we’ll push on forward.”

Meanwhile, Monster Energy/Star Racing Yamaha’s Colt Nichols will miss another round as he continues to recover from a shoulder injury sustained at Washougal.

Main image: Octopi Media

Written by Slaw Dog

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