Most Likely, Seattle: Also, Which Rider Is Most Likely to Wrestle a Bear and Win?

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Each week, Slaw, Troy, and Denny Stephenson will come up with some topics and then list the riders most likely to accomplish those feats. Hence the title “Most Likely”. Most would call us brilliant.

Which rider is most likely to wrestle a bear and win?

Slaw Dog: Tyler Bowers count?

T-Dog: Ben Lamay

DBO: Levi cooks bear in his Kitchen.

Is Kyle Chisholm most likely or most likely not going to race until he is 50?

Slaw Dog: Most likely

T-Dog: He’s already 74 isn’t he?

DBO: Kyle is bad ass. Huge fan. Just read courtesy of Corporate Clint, Chiz is reaching iconic levels of success.

Which rider is most likely to win the 450SX Main Event?

Slaw Dog: Jett

T-Dog: Jett *Yawn*

DBO: Someone needs to stop being soft & put Jett on the ground.

Which rider is most likely to win the 250SX Main Event?

Slaw Dog: Kitchen

T-Dog: Richard James

DBO: Rick James bitch.

Which privateer is most likely to eat at Taco Bell after the race?

Slaw Dog: Har Dog

T-Dog: Justin Starling did that after Indy.

DBO: Growing up, there was a Taco Bell literally a hundred yards up the street. Tacos were 99 cents & I spilled the lawnmower gas can in the backseat of my 70 Olds Cutlass with Crager wheels. I raced home and dumped a gallon of Johnson n Johnson baby powder into the fake leather backseat. Hoping to numb the gas smell. It seemingly worked. I was cruising Dodge Street the weekend. Wait. What was the question again?

When the current crop of 450 riders retire, which rider is most likely to battle with Jett Lawrence for championships (besides Sexton).

Slaw Dog: Haiden Deegan

T-Dog: It will be Jorge Prado, Tom Vialle, and Haiden Deegan.

DBO: No answer. They ALL have a lot of growing up to do. Justin Cooper is crushing it in his first full season. Yet has one top 5. And that is really solid. Sadly, its Jett’s World in SX.

Which rider is most likely to Chiz?

Slaw Dog: Colt Nichols

T-Dog: Chiz. He’s been chizzing all season long and he’s coming off another 13th in Indy.

DBO: Viral Brand goggle rider Mitchell Harrison

Which current Pro Circuit rider is most likely to have the better 450 career?

Slaw Dog: Hmmm… Kitchen

T-Dog: Chef

DBO: Yea I’ll go with Slaw. Chef is next. Unless Kawasaki keeps him in 250 for another ten years chasing titles.

Which rider is most likely to survive in the wilderness for a week?

Slaw Dog: Ben LaMay count?

T-Dog: Tomac has lived outside his entire life I think. Just doing man stuff.

DBO: Carson Brown shows up with a beard, an ax and qualifies on a 94 YZ250.

Out of Ken Roczen, Ricky Carmichael, or James Stewart in their primes, which rider would most likely win a best whip competition?

Slaw Dog: Stew

T-Dog: Stew

DBO: Josh Grant tells them all to hold his beer.

Is Eli Tomac most likely or most likely not going to ever go beast mode again?

Slaw Dog: Yes. This weekend

T-Dog: Most likely, but we might have to wait until outdoors. I don’t have any insider info, but my guess is that he races them.

DBO: Oh yea. Elito is dead. But beast mode is just a holeshot away Tomac’s 100 is better than Jett’s 80. Make sense?

Is Bobby Reagan most likely or most likely not going to sign more riders this year?

Slaw Dog: 10000% more likely

T-Dog: I think he’s in talks with Wes right now, so most likely yes.

DBO: I like to wear my Star Racing team manager t-shirt at all amateur races to meet mini-moms, but Bobby creates jobs and camper friends.

Main Image: Octopi Media

Written by Troy Dog

Faster than Slaw Dog. Editor-in-Chief

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