Morning Espresso: TB’s Gnarly Crash at Slayground; Weege on BBMX Team and Seewer Goes Huge in Italy

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TB’s Gnarly Crash at Slayground

Oh, man. This could have been really bad for our man Tyler Bereman. TB was out at Axell Hodges Slayground and was going about Mach 10 when he forgot to turn left. TB ended up flying through trees, boulders, and pit bike jumps at about 80 mph. We are all so glad he is okay. The crash starts around 6:20. 

Weege Breaks Down the Butler Brothers Situation

The situation at the BBMX team or as it was known as a few days ago, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC-WPS-KTM, has been wild and all over the place. Racer X’s Weege breaks it all down in his latest video. 

Seewer Goes Big in Italy

Can we talk about this massive triple that Jeremy Seewer pulled out at the MXGP of Trentino over the weekend? He channeled his inner-Stew that’s for sure. 

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Main image: Yamaha

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