We Jumped a Dirtbike Off the World’s Largest Rocking Chair

When Red Bull sent a dude to jump from space, many thought that was the most incredible thing ever seen. And you would be wrong.

You thought Robbie Maddison jumping his motorcycle to the top of the Arc de Triomphe at the Paris Las Vegas was special? Ha!

NONE of those compare to what WE at vurbmoto pulled off at round 3 of the 2022 Mad Skills Motocross 3 Vurb Shred Tour in Casey, IL.

WE got an entire town of 3,000 people to come out and watch THE Brett Cue jump off the World’s Largest Rocking Chair. Yes, THE WORLD.

Did he make it? Is he still alive? Well, you’ll just have to watch to find out.

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Written by Vurbwes Chilidog

Been 'round these parts making dirtbike movies since '02; a weathered veteran with moto and camera related back issues, the hearing equivalent to my great-great grandfather's, and a dirt tan that will literally never come off. But I'm still in way better shape than every other dog in this joint, but that's because I use Chili and no slaw.

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