Morning Espresso: Anderson on Leaving Husky; Shredding a Swimming Pool; We Kind of Started a Podcast and More

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We are back to our original format for Morning Espresso this week and we may continue along this path. Who knows…

Anderson On Leaving Husqvarna

If you haven’t listened to Jason Anderson on the Gypsy Tales podcast, well you need to. Mr. Fried doesn’t do much media and honestly, this was probably the most open I’ve heard him on a number of topics. Last week we featured his reason on leaving Aldon Baker…. this week? Why he decided to leave Husqvarna. It’s worth a listen.

Riding Dirtbikes in a Pool

Aside from riding a dirtbike on a golf course, riding a dirtbike in an abandoned pool ranks right up there. Well, multi-time X Games medalist Colby Raha somehow found one and went shredding.

Weege’s “Lunatic” Ideas to Slow Down 450s in Supercross

Racer X’s Weege has some “lunatic” (his words, not mine) ideas on slowing down 450s in Supercross. Is there a way to slow the 450s down without making the manufacturers want to walk away? He takes a stab at some hot takes and well, the comments are just as good as the video.

We Kind of Started a Podcast

We did NOT start a podcast. but kind of did. But you can’t listen to wherever you get your podcasts, only on YouTube, so it’s not a podcast. Right? It’s a Podcast Notta Podcast? We don’t know. What we do know if that we probably won’t be doing any routine podcasts anytime soon. With that said, it is fun to talk about amateur racing in a kind of podcast format. Vurb’s Jeff Simpson and Kyle Cowling spent the week at the 2022 JS7 Spring Championship at Freestone and talk about the racing and more. FYI: We know there are audio issues. Our bad. We don’t do podcasts.

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