Morning Espresso: Josh Hill Shredding a Skatepark; Which Pro Rider Would You Trust to Babysit Your Kid and More

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I Could Watch Josh Hill Shred a Skatepark All Day

Josh Hill has released MORE footage from his epic Fox Racing video where he shredded the iconic Kona Skatepark in Jacksonville, Florida for a couple days and TBH, I could watch this all day long. So amazing!

Which Pro Rider Would You Trust to Babysit Your Kid(s)

Pro Motocross recently released a pretty funny video where they asked riders which rider they would let babysit their kid(s). I won’t roon the answers, but I’d def be going with either Justin Brayton or Christian Craig. As for the Vurb crew, I’m NOT LETTING ANY OF THOSE ANIMALS NEAR MY KIDS (even though I don’t have any). Troy Dog would probably leave them at the airport or something.

F1 Drivers Know ZERO About Baseball

Formula One is in Miami this week and the media train is rolling. From Lewis Hamilton hitting golf balls with Tom Brady to drivers throwing out the first pitch at the Marlins game (yes, that’s baseball, drivers) F1 does the media game right. F1 drivers are amazing and they also know ZERO about baseball.

Even if you aren’t an F1 fan, scroll through their Twitter from this week, they have some funny stuff on there.

F1 Car in NYC

Member me telling you how F1 does media right? Yeah, well Red Bull drove a damn F1 car through the streets of New York and of course it’s amazing.

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