Evan Ferry Is Leaving Rockstar Energy Husqvarna

Whoa, a big shakeup in the world of amateur motocross. 

Evan Ferry announced on his Instagram page today that he is leaving Rockstar Energy Husqvarna. 

“Today is a new start, I am so thankful for the years and the titles I earned in the Supermini and 125cc classes while I was with The Rockstar Husqvarna team. I made lifelong friends and learned a lot from such an amazing team. Thank you to Roger and Nate for supporting my vision moving forward.”

Ferry, who is the son of Tim Ferry, the 1997 125SX East Region Champion, signed a two-year amateur deal with the brand back in 2019. 

Ferry won the 125 and Schoolboy 1 titles last year at Loretta’s before moving up to B this year. He will likely make his debut with a new team soon as we are slap in the middle of Loretta Lynn qualifying. What team that will be is still up in the air. 

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