Morning Espresso: Electric, Hydrogen and Flying Motorcycles, Oh My

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Check Out The EM Electric Off-Road Models

EM (Electric Motion), a French manufacturer of off-road electric vehicles, has released a new video showcasing their off-road models. Check out more info below from EM. For more information, visit


The new Epure range is aimed at all Trial riders. From the simple beginner to the most experienced rider, the Epure is Electric Motion’s answer to the modern practice of this wonderful sport in 2021.

The Epure is the epitome of pure performance. Power, range, torque, speed, lightness… The Epure has never been better. This model proves that an electric motorbike can perform as well as the best thermal trials, without any compromise. Noise and maintenance will soon be a distant memory.


The Escape is Electric Motion’s hiking model. This model has the same base (chassis, engine) as the Trial Epure model but it has a larger battery which allows more autonomy, as well as a saddle.

Its small size and low weight make this electric motorcycle a formidable weapon for trialling hikes and on walks.

This motorcycle allows you to discover new landscapes, new places in silence and with respect for nature and other users.

Hydrogen Street Bike

Chinese-based Segway is preparing to release a hydrogen street bike by 2023, according to Here is more from

While hydrogen has been touted by a few big names recently, most notably Kawasaki, it is Segway that will hit the market first in 2023 with the Apex H2. For now we only have official performance figures to go on, which means a 93mph top speed and a 0-62mph sprint in just four seconds. There is no word on range, but Segway says it will burn 1g of hydrogen per kilometre. 

Flying Motorcycles

I mean, electric and hydrogen is cool and all, but give me a f**** flying motorcycle right now.

More from the Wall Street Journal report:

The Speeder is a futuristic-looking flying motorcycle created by Ventura, Calif.-based Jetpack Aviation. Though some elements are still in development, the vertical take-off-and-landing aircraft will have jet turbine engines that provide vertical thrust. Once in the air, the engines would tilt backward and the aircraft would fly on small wings powered by net-zero-carbon fuel. Two recreational models, priced starting at $385,000 each, are available for preorder. One reaches speeds of over 150 mph, and flies for nearly an hour at more than 15,000 feet; an ultralight version that doesn’t require a pilot’s license to operate is limited to 60 mph by federal regulations and flies for 15 minutes. The company hopes to make them available in 2023. A faster, heavy-duty model intended for military and rescue missions is also in development. Within 10 years, the recreational Speeder could be automated and used for public transportation in cities, with rooftops repurposed for parking, says CEO David Mayman.

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