The Roczens Provide Updates After Nashville Crash *Updated*

We don’t have the official word yet when it comes down to what happened to Ken Roczen’s bike during the Main Event in Nashville. We’re assuming that it was a blown rear shock, but we’re not mechanics, nor did we stay at a Holiday Inn last night. Kenny said in his Instagram post today (Sunday) that the team is still looking into what happened. The bottom cap/housing was what exploded and caused him to look like he was at Coachella.

What we do know is that Ken Roczen is “surprisingly okay” following his crash in the whoops, according to his wife Courtney’s Instagram story. Kenny was of course tended to by the Alpinestars Medical Unit and apparently it turned into a teaching moment for their son, who learned a lot about x-rays tonight.

This crash was brutal and as the smoke started you just had to hope that Roczen could have made it through the last couple of whoops. He did the best he could in this situation.

Ryne Swanberg of Octopi Media captured the crash from his perspective.


It looks like Roczen has some MRI’s scheduled for Monday. His knee, ankle, and toes were beat up in the crash. He said that he will be back, but doesn’t know when, so it is up in the air at the moment whether or not he will be in Philadelphia.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more information.

Main Image: Octopi Media


  1. Thanks for the update, and wish him all the best towards a quick recovery(he has to be sore after the dismount)..

  2. Thank you for updating Ken Roczen status.I really hope he’s okay and this doesn’t affect his mental confidence in the bike in the future.Kenny is riding the best I ever seen him ride and hope he continues till he considers retirement.Get well soon Kickstart Kenny.

  3. It’s called a reservoir, but get well soon, Kenny! You’ve been ripping this year and we hope to see you back quickly!

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