Justin Barcia is Selling BamLand and Vurb is Putting in an Offer

Eight months ago, Blake Baggett put his sprawling El Chupacabra Ranch on the market. While we here at Vurb were just getting back on our hot dogs, we put in a more than gracious offer to Blake. 

Our offer? A lifetime amount of Vurb shirts and all profits from the 40 straw hats we sold at Millcreek. Great offer, right?

Well, we never heard from Mr. Baggett and we’re not sure if he ever did sell his ranch or not. He’s been a bit MIA, if you haven’t noticed. That’s okay, we still love you, Blake. 

Now that Vurb is REALLY back WE have another opportunity. Justin Barcia is selling his place “BamLand” and we are going to make an offer. 

  • Lifelong supply of Vurb shirts. Value: $500,000
  • Free videos for the rest of your career. Value: $800,000
  • 10-pack of Oscar Mayer Classic Uncured. Value: $1.50

Vurb’s plans are to open a new amateur training facility at the compound. 

Justin, we got your digits. We’ll put your people in touch with our people.

If you have a better offer, contact [email protected]. Here is what’s included with the purchase. 

32 acres, pond, 2 wells
3 tracks: 2 SX  1 east 1 west
1 outdoor track

Water truck
Bull dozer
Skid steer
Tractor and attachments
John Deere zero turn mower
1,500 square feet gym w/ all equipment, sauna, hot tub
11,000. Square foot garage
Separate cabin, separate office

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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