Jett Lawrence on Michael Mosiman Incident: “I Showed Him That He Was Number One and Left It at That”

Oh, doggies, get the popcorn out. The Jett Lawrence/Michael Mosiman rivalry has taken another turn.

Before we get into what happened at Salt Lake City 1 and Jett’s post-race comments, let’s review what happened earlier this season. 

After Jett Lawrence took out Michael Mosiman at Houston 3, everyone knew payback was coming. Well, it happened just one round later, as Mosiman got his revenge on the Jett in their heat race at Indy 1. 

Watch the two instance below:

Well, the two kind of got into it again in the main event on Saturday. Jett passed Mosiman late in the race and Mosiman tried to counter immediately. Jett was not pleased with it and showed him a finger over the finish line. We’re not sure what finger it was, but we can guess. 

In the post-race press conference, according to, Jett did not hold back.

“Now you understand what type of rider he is,” Lawrence said. “I passed him clean and in that next turn he kind of came and felt like was going to t-bone me. Luckily I committed, so over the finish line, I showed him that he was number one and left it at that. Now you guys understand why I took him out at Houston. If you don’t bump him and make sure you get a gap on him, he goes for your front wheel – he’s just that type of dumb rider. 

“As you seen, I passed him clean, didn’t do anything dirty and he goes straight for the almost t-bone, could have ended my night and, even worse, both of our night and I could have been injured. It shows how brainless he is and I just had to show he’s the number one rider of that list, so yeah.”

I, personally, am a big fan of this. We need rivalries. We need dudes slamming each other (IN A SAFE MANNER). There is nothing wrong with rubbing a little paint in a corner, as long as you’re not trying to break a dude’s leg.

Main image: Octopi Media


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  1. Love seeing too, The only problem is the gray area on how much is to much🤷🏼‍♂️But it’ll be fun watching it play out.

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