How Can You Not Love Jo Shimoda

Slaw don’t know Jo from Joe Doe Dog, but he seems like a chill dude. Even more impressive in Slaw’s mind is his attitude. 

After his first podium of the season at Indy 1  where he got super lucky due to the Jett Lawrence and Christian Craig incident late in the race, Jo basically said, yeah cool, but this wasn’t a real podium.

“It wasn’t really a podium, because Jett went around me, he was riding really good tonight and Christian was ahead of me, too. So it ended up being a podium, but the next time I get a podium, I want to get a podium myself.”

After his first career win on Saturday, Jo was asked about being consistent in the post-race press conference and hot damn, I love this quote.

I do feel like I’m a little bit in control, but I don’t think consistency sitting in fourth in fifth, I don’t think you call it consistency. If you’re fourth and fifth for all the races, you’ll never be the champion. My goal was to be consistent in 1, 2, 3 spots. It’s getting better and better, so we’re going to keep going like this way.”

With Jo and Jett and the rest of the up and coming dudes, this 250 class is going to be awesome next year… on and off the track. 

Main image: Kawasaki

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