It is Chizmas Eve: Troy Dog x vurbmoto Sponsor Chiz for Indy!

Alright, folks. We made it. It is Chizmas Eve and all my doggos are ready to watch our guy Kyle Chisholm dominate at Indianapolis 1 tomorrow. If I said this week has been easy I would be lying. This team manager stuff is hard, especially if you have another full-time job and two mini dogs under 2 years old. Shout out to Bub Dog and Sam Dog for keeping life interesting. 

The only thing that went correctly was the sweatshirt order I put in a week ago. The first run of Troy Dog merch was an exclusive run of three sweatshirts. It is the best sweatshirt I have ever owned. 

Photo: Ryne Swanberg / Octopi Media

Earlier this week a crisis occurred with Chili Dog misplacing my premium Troy Dog stickers that he had spent hours at the print shop…well printing. He accidently left them in our plush vurbmoto semi-truck for the ride day. Well, the trailer is so big and has so many compartments that he spent 36 straight hours combing through all the supplies. And…he FOUND THEM!

Not only is Chili a hero for this extra effort, but he somehow made my first ever Troy Dog Pod awesome after I recorded it on a potato. Chili is the MVD (Most Valuable Doggie) this week. Without him, this sponsorship and extra press for the Chiz Dog would not have happened the way I wanted it to. 

The Troy Dog + Chiz Podcast

Also, shout out to Mike Fisher for creating the most amazing logo a Troy Dog could ever ask for (as seen above). Fish Dog put his time and effort into making me look way cooler than I am…and you guys want to buy stuff with my likeness on it? That is talent right there. Fish Dog will now have his logo in the main event on a legendary rider. This is the vurbmoto way. 

Ginger Dog has taken it upon herself to go out and buy our athlete a Midwest sampler basket of treats, “Because your friend probably doesn’t get to go explore when the races are in town”. These are the extra perks that you get when you are a Troy Dog sponsored athlete. Kyle showers us all in Chiz, so we will shower him in gifts. So, stay tuned for that. 

Photo: Ryne Swanberg / Octopi Media

I will say that I am pleased with the professionalism of Feld during these weird times. I am glad we have a race to go and watch. With that being said, I have filled out so many items of paperwork that the Declaration of Independence would be jealous. I think I must fill some more out at the race tomorrow as well. Wish me luck on getting in to Chizzle’s pit to deliver him his sponsored merch.

Tomorrow is Chizmas Day! Let us get that top ten and make Chili Dog get that tattoo that he has been wanting. If you happen to see Troy Dog graphics on TV snap me a photo and Tweet it @troydogvurb and I will be in touch to send you some stickers!

Let’s GO! Troy Dog OUT!


Written by Troy Dog

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