How Ryan Hughes’ IG Account Made Me Feel Like a Piece of Shit

Not many things on the internet interest or surprise me anymore. I’d rather be lost on a mountain doing some peaceful shit like watching squirrels, ripping MTB or trout fishing. I spend too much time on the internet for work to spend even more time on it as a means of entertainment. That is until I started following Ryan Hughes on Instagram.

Wholly sh!t! I’ve always known this dude was a beast, but his meteoric rise to absolute savagery has surprised even myself. I imagine him waking up every morning infusing himself with the blood of a wild rhino, snorting some protein powder, climbing four mountains while doing an f’ing handstand and then peacefully meditating atop said mountain… all before breakfast.

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Tested me today with 2 sets of walking lunges, through inconsistent rocks, with overhead rock swings. How was you gym – equipment stuck to the ground – equipment with constant movement pattern – a bicycle down a flat road. Why I don’t need to wear knee braces and haven’t had a ACL for 20 years – because I don’t need to my knees are strong – just like my ankles and hips, all my joints in my body are strong because they are challenged. Cycle down a flat road – wear knee braces – train on machines and flat consistent areas. Welcome to weak knees or joints ! But let’s take the efficiency out of the body and the way it’s been designed to move and stabilize itself by wearing braces. Absolutely every single person that has followed my advice from no bracing can’t believe how much better they feel on the bike – if you never try you never know – but man dose fear stop us in our tracks. Afraid of what ? Stories your mind makes up ? Train don’t brace. #chargelife

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I’ve met Hughes a handful of times, but doubt myself worthy enough for him to actually know who I am. I’ve even witnessed him throw down with Michael Lapaglia at Mammoth Motocross back in the day. Please use caution before playing this video. Ear muffs are encouraged if you are sensitive to foul language.

This piece is simply to put into perspective how much harder Ryno charges life than you and your puny little muscles. He’s got to be in his late 40s by now and his abs looks like they were chiseled out of a block of ice. From pro racing to turning a homegrown sports supplement company into a national brand, Hughes also finds time to head up the Ryno Institute, coaching some of the most elite MX and MTB riders.

Want to train with the man? Don’t worry about joining some hipster gym where they serve farm to table smoothies and egg white omelets. Just walk outside, find some heavy shit like a boulder or a giant log, pick it up, and run a marathon. Ok, now that you’ve warmed up it’s time to really start the day. The dude even uses snow in replacement of a traditional ice bath. Plain and simple, you aren’t worthy to hang this dudes coat.

I didn’t reach out to Hughes for a quote on this story. To be honest, I was eating ice cream while writing and was too ashamed of myself to contact him. The original idea was to post a single blog on the life that is Ryan Hughes, but keep your pupils dilated as I continue to follow Hughes through social media in hopes of one day becoming a more complete human being. Maybe one day I’ll grow a sack and have him enlighten me.

Until then, I need to grab some more ice cream from the freezer.


  1. “I wish you were here with me, walking on the beach in Hawaii” 🎼 his quarantine videos make my wife and I jealous for sure.



Written by Bird Dog

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