Slaw’s Annual Ranking of the Best Names of Loretta Lynn’s

IT IS TIME! That’s right, Slaw’s Annual Ranking of the Best Names of Loretta Lynn’s is here!

Every year since the inception of the race I have ranked the best names I found at the Ranch. You can find all previous entries here.

I typically rank ALL NAMES from 1 to whatever, but there were just too many good ones this year, so I will rank my top 5 then just put the rest down. I spent about five minutes on this, so if you have a better listing… go kick rocks!

Here are the best names at Loretta’s, RANKED. Don’t @ me.

Slaw’s Top Five

1 Cash Halkyard
2 Sage Powers
3 Owen Bills
4 Bly Dusza
5 J Ryder Fox

The Best of the Rest

Brody Propernick

Seth Shull

Travis Henry-Belotti

Slade Varola

Dominic Butscher

Nicolas Israel 

KC Clinton

Jayden Wolf

Vinny Bollasina

Micha Grubbs

Kawan Matiola

Bradley Sharma

Ryder Crute 

Adrian Mayo

Jack Carver

Axel Neff

Zach Longino

Payton Morningstar

Ollie Bonner

Holt Kennedy

Diesel Thomas

Jeremiah “JJ” Willoughby

Logan Lessar

Wayne Powers

Brayden High

Main image: MX Sports

One Comment

  1. It’s another proud moment for his papa and i to see him recognized.(Dominic Butscher) We have let him do his thing called racing since he was 4, but when your up against factory racers you give all you got. Under the tent in 250B and finished with a tenth overall we are so proud . So thanks it’s nice you recognize these guys that work so hard

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