Enzo Lopes Injury Update

I have no idea what time it is in Brazil, but I hope the country is sleeping. 

THEIR guy is out for this weekend. Yep, Monster Energy/Star Racing Yamaha announced today that new signee Enzo Lopes will miss the 250SX East Region opener in Detroit on Saturday as he continues to return to full fitness due to a forearm issue. 

“Riding for Star Racing comes with a lot of expectations, especially after my momentum from last season,” said Lopes. “Unfortunately, the cards we were dealt with this off-season were out of our control, and with that, we agreed on missing Round 1 so that I can be back to 100% by Arlington. I am super bummed, but I know in the long run this will be the best decision for me and also the team.”

The team hopes Enzo can return for round two of the East Region set for Arlington on Feb. 24. 

Main image: Yamaha

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