Clueless IS BACK! Expect Plenty of Effort and Not Much Reward

So after this second third last round of the 2023 Monster Energy Supercross Championship, Clueless makes its long awaited return to the pages of Which you may think is a weird time to restart a column, but if Ken Roczen can race a bike with a kickstarter in 2023, then quite frankly anything can happen.

Although, much like Roczen actually having to use his kickstarter, expect plenty of effort and not much reward, at least for the first few weeks anyway, until I’ve figured out how to put things in neutral… for want of a better analogy…

  • Those weird name flag graphical thingys would be PERFECT for using on the start gate, so you actually know which (5) 250 riders have crashed in the first turn again
  • I heard about the Anderson/Barcia takeout before I saw it… I was then left disappointed
  • OK, seriously, are we now heading to round three or round four?
  • I don’t want to speak too soon, but the Supermotocross app/tv deal is working pretty well
  • Totally agree with Stilez’ spotter… he did not get the holeshot
  • Baby steps for AC
  • One time, it’d be great if RC said he would be pissed if/when Tomac overtakes his SX wins total, just to hear how Diffey would react
  • You know how when people say “with the greatest respect…” and then say something disrespectful. I’m not going to do that. However….
  • With the greatest respect, the 250 class would be more exciting without Jett Lawrence in it
  • And the 450 class would be better too
  • Cameron McAdoo, once again, the lone guy keeping Mitch Payton away from the edge
  • At least Tom Vialle hasn’t got much to live up to when he makes his KTM 250SX debut
  • Can Ferrandis please get a holeshot, just so we know if he could win a race
  • Webb is riding like it’s Roczen in front of him

Main image: Jessica Reed

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Written by Coney Island Dog

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