The Story Behind the Wil Hahn Bird of the Year

If you don’t know the relationship/contest going on between PulpMX and Wil Hahn, it’s pretty funny. 

For years, they’ve had a contest who can flip one another off first at each event. It’s hilarious and all in good fun.

Well, this past weekend at San Diego, Vurb’s own Jessica Hare (@j_reedphotos on IG) captured what could only be described as the best photo ever and Hahn even topped my Power Rankings this week

The funny part: Jess had no clue about the whole contest. 

Here is Jess on how she captured the photo:

Honestly, I don’t watch much of the PulpMX Show or read too much on social media. I’ll work on that. 

But when I saw Wil Hahn tip toe running (imagine Jack Sparrow) across the track shushing everyone he ran by I figured I’d better pay attention. Turns out Matthes and Hahn have some kind of game going on to see who can flip the other one off first and I just happened to capture Wil taking the dub at San Diego during track walk. 

If I’d have known in the moment what was actually going down, I would’ve paid a little more attention to the aftermath, but I was clueless and snapped the photo and turned back around. I do believe a few F yous were exchanged, all in good fun of course.

Written by Slaw Dog

Just a dog trying to find my special bun.

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