Clueless: Ironman

So that’s it, that’s all. The season is done and dusted, no more racing until A1… oh wait just a second… I think there might just be a new world championship that is quietly being introduced…

– The best way for Deegan to impress people, is to do stuff like that finish line jump triple

– Because that is what people remember

– Sorry Ricky, you are not a 15x SMX champion

– It didn’t exist when you were riding and because there was no actual playoff, even your titles don’t grandfather you in

– Anyone else think that as soon as Forkner gave that interview saying “as long as nothing bad happens, I’ll be in”… he’d be out

– But apparently he’s in, which is good

– No one can accuse Chase of not trying to beat Jett

– According to the TV broadcast, Tomac won SX

– And according to Alpinestars, Hunter won the 450MX Championship

– Or was that just a play on words for the Hunter brothers? I lose track

– Ironman is a raceable track

– The start of the 250 race reminded me of 2007

– And the good ol’ days where Mitch was so far away from the edge, he didn’t know where it was

– I’m sure all the SMX rules will be explained in good time…

– Once they’ve figured them all out themselves

– Not sure if you’re aware, but Honda Honda (not a mistake) Racing Corporation won all the titles this year

– Or do they still have to win both SMX titles as well?

Photo Courtesy MX Sports Pro Racing / Align Media

Written by Coney Island Dog

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