Clueless: Indy 1

Right now, we are being treated to some really epic racing and while it usually starts to fall into a pattern (as Slaw Dog pointed out in this article), it is still great that we can head into a race-day and not have a clue who will cross the finish line first. And even if we can guess first place, we definitely can’t seem to guess the podium… eh, Christian/Jett…

As it stands though, the East Region is looking pretty thin and I definitely wouldn’t mind if they just did two gate drops, one for the top five and one for the rest… lets have 20 laps of Nichols vs Craig vs Lawrence vs Mosiman vs Shimoda!

Still, I’m definitely not complaining and I can’t wait for Tuesday night for another installment of this 2021 campaign…

  • Roczen rebounded pretty well I’d say
  • That was about as pumped as I’ve ever seen Tomac… and he finished second
  • I loved Jett using a lapper as a shield from Mosiman
  • Certainly worked better than trying a pass around the outside of Craig, two corners from the end of the race
  • Nice shoutout by RC with the ‘Red Honda’
  • Making fun of someone’s faith isn’t cool
  • But the “Jesus was a savage” line had me chuckling
  • Not sure how he avoided the double-secret AMA suspension for retaliation though?
  • You know those combined East/West races they did last year…. Can we do 17 of those?
  • But seriously… at least five would do
  • The light is a reminder
  • A reminder for what?
  • A reminder…
  • It’s like a bad knock-knock joke
  • Becoming a big Jo Shimoda fan
  • The idea behind the split screens is great… the execution leaves a lot to be desired
  • Especially watching on a mobile phone
  • Can Zach Osborne please get a good start
  • Enquiring minds want to know how well he’d do
  • Ditto Musquin
  • Hell, might as well chuck Barcia in there as well since H1
  • Speaking of Barcia, I haven’t seen a kick that vicious since Dustin Poirier
  • Gutted for Deano

Main image: Octopi Media

Written by Coney Island Dog

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