Clueless: Hangtown

A California race while in Latvia means there is a 10 hour time difference and zero chance of watching live. And given the fact that there are only five 450 factory guys really gives no incentive to stay up and watch, so this truly is a Clueless episode from Hangtown…

-I want whatever is in those post-race tablets that Jett has

-Dangerboy becomes Dangerman…. Or better yet, we lose that moniker completely

-It’s been a while since we’ve had a good track over-watering

-Things I never want to see again: replays of J-Mart’s arm

-The Jose Butron revival continues with a fifth in moto 2

-Still persisting with that camera in the pits I see

-I’d understand if they were showing 250 guys during the 450 motos…

-They could also show the 250 replays during 450 motos and I doubt many would complain

-Jett really does make it look too easy

-At least Hunter makes it interesting by not getting every holeshot

-Is it bad that a rider who “doesn’t want to be out there” came second in a moto

-AP is doing a lot better than his results suggest

Main image: KTM Images


  1. Stop saying “Playoffs”.
    Please stop showing near death crashes over and over. Need to find a great pass or setup for a great pass to televise.

  2. Ya, Jett is beating weak and old field, not even interesting. The 250 class will be worth watching all year.

Written by Coney Island Dog

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